Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bulging capacitors in monitor

There are many things we are thankful for...
The skills our elders shared with us gave us invaluable knowledge.
Recently my monitor began to succumb to failure. Slowly over the last month the screen would dim and be noisy like a bad fan motor. Well monitors do not have fans...we were puzzled. My husband had looked into a purchase of a new one for me and had called around to find it in store for same as on line prices. With budget I knew we should not buy one at this time and just figured I could do without it for a while. Then realizing what an absence it would be thought better of that. We had each prayed on it. I saw (within me) Steve fix it  knowing it would be so. Telling Him of this he set to it.

Always unplug things
(I know, but it should be said)
 Steve is unafraid of an adventure and took on the challenge. He is that way. If this monitor would have to have been replaced why not give it a shot. Now he knows how to use a soldering iron, and has one here. Having tools that are basic to life is imperative. If your going to buy tools get the best you can afford and buy them once. Take good care of them as well. Tools can be found at yard sales as well for this generation lost the ability to use their own hands. Now, everything is just replaced, tossed into landfills so the man can gain more money to get more.  Oh that must stop for our dear earth is in such disregard.
 Center image there is a vertical black capacitor looks like a little battery. Look at the bottom of it, it is risen up and not level to the surface of itself.
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Three capacitors to the bottom right and center right of the image had pooched out. Like a swollen battery. Steve took Dash to the electronics store. It was so cool because it was Dash who located the particular part, a high temp Radial cap. Times three...monitor fixed for $5.54 and a bit of daddy son time.

Now speaking of Daddy/Son time. It was Steve's father who raised this man of mine with the thought of his future in mind. Watching to see the way or inclination he might be guided toward. His wisdom educated my man to have basic understandings of elements and science of materials. Steve is not an electrician but he was raised to know the basics of electrical principals. He was raised to understand how to use a tool, bolt or washer. Just not the clothing kind (harhar). My FILove taught his sons watched his sons and supplied all he could to prepare them with vocational skills. He watched for their talents and guided them with knowledge.

Direct your children in the way they should go. My FILove did and we have kept great wealth over the years because of it. Thanks Mr FIL if your reading this. It is something we have never nor ever intend too take for granted. 

Teach yourself basic skills. If something needs done without knowledge study it to show yourself approved lacking nothing. Better to study than to work for money to have someone else do it. The money is drying up. Gain knowledge, it is the beginning of wisdom.

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Older women likewise teach the younger women...

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Please pray for her parents and family
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