Saturday, April 9, 2011

Homemade sugar oil scrub

 Lately I have become much more grateful to have legs that work. Ones that have feet attached that work. Taken often for granted we forget the treasures they are. So to celebrate these gifts came sugar and avocado oil scrub. 1/2 cup grain sugar and 3 tbs oil. Olive can be used or coconut, use an oil that you would be willing to eat. That is what measure I use. My skin is alive and living oils will cause it to thrive.
Mix in a bit of water to form a moist paste.
 With the hand spun ceramic bowl I made some 15 years ago and a wooden spoon from the earth mixed I the creamed sugar and oil mixture. There is something about wooden spoons that make me feel close to this terrestrial peace.
 By spooning the paste and rubbing it the skin will begin to slough off. It will begin to ball up and turn crumbly. When it will rub no longer rinse. You will be stunned at the new silky skin. No lotion will be needed for days.
 When you look at the tub the evidence can be seen. The residue is no problem to remove. Real ingredients do not need artificial chemicals to remove. No petro based oils are used. In store bought items it will be a different story.
 Simply use a cloth and the tub will easily wipe clean. That is all there is to it.
 Last month for our anniversary I asked for new rugs for our master bath. I love the gray. Some day carpet of gray is the dream. Now I remain appreciative of the 20 year old pink carpet.
For a kind touch toothpaste shine for my ring.

Today was infusion. My nurse left just a few moments ago. Blessed am I so very blessed. We slowed this infusion down. Four weeks ago it did not go so well. With the knee injections, my pups death and all the other adventures in character it all caught up to me.
Today was a good day. We watched movies and enjoyed each other for six hours and those drops of sustain life came into my vein via the port within my chest. Needle insertion is getting better for the site is beginning to toughen up.
Dash is home from a sleep over and Dove will do a second night over. The morning was calm so nice on an infusion day to begin that way. Those morning have an innate layer of stress as it is. Raining all day the weather called for a cozy blanket and a good movie. Ned Divine and Nims' Island were the two we watched. She also asked a tutorial in food storage and preservation. So I gave her a tour of the freezers and pantry.
My nurse could be my daughter in a different life. She is the age one might be. What a gift she is . I find it so touching how she admires me so. I admire her so. Funny how we can often find so much beauty in others when beauthy is within the eye to find.
Resting is the call of the afternoon for me as well as hydration. This elusive woman thought to stop here to visit some. So many of you are in mind. Yet reclusive seems be me these last few months.

There have been several profound items come to light of recent. 
One is that after years of wondering, years of trying to figure out...this calls for another post.


Brown Shoe said...

Thanks for the lovely tip Donetta. Glad you are taking care of yourself by papmering your body in small ways. Good for the body and the spirit! Blessings and hugs! Linda J

Annette said...

Hmmm, I'm gonna have to try that foot scrub...I love it when we meet people and there is just a conection between us, just something special there but yet you feel like you've known them all your life, I have friends like that, some I've met in person, some I work with and some of them I've met on blog =) A GOD given friendship is ALWAYS the best and I am so HaPpY you are one of my GOD given friends....O'how I LOVE YOU.....


Amrita said...

I 'm gonna try that scrub Donetta - it looks good.

Glad you had a good day

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Please pray for her parents and family
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