Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Dang! I awoke with such a shiver from being on the floor last night. I was on an air mattress with good blankets too. I think it was the c-pap blowing the cool air into me. Sleep only came after 1a.m. or so. I was cold in the night, very. So tired I did not get up except to reach for my snuggy off of Dove who was above me on the sofa. I remember being curled up in a tight ball all night. 
Once finally falling asleep the morning came with Dash waking me at 6:45 or so. I was so cold it hurt! Thinking I might be feverish I took my temperature 94.*! 
I looked it up on line and it said that I had mild hypothermia.Any thing below 95.* is mild wow how weird!
Yesterdays coffee warmed and hot water on my hands. After tending to the kids and getting back from the bus stop for Dash my temperature is now 95.9*. So I am sitting here trying to warm myself up. Sorta feeling a bit confused and dizzy. I think it is from being so cold. What a weird thing to happen. I guess the air mattress must of displaced cold off of the floor. That with the c-pap cold air. This hot coffee is good. My face still feels cold. I'd get a hot shower but she needs me not to be away too long. She is within a close distance now on the sofa. I have my Russia pants on and a coat. It is not cold in here at all. Desert rats do get a cold in winter can get up to mid 60's in the day and 38 at night. High is high and the low is low. Our weather is like that. It was perhaps high 40's walking Dash to the bus stop just 3-4 houses down to the corner.

My sweet daughter is not doing very well. We have temperatures at both ends of the gauge this morning. Goodness sake!
Dove is retching even though I gave her the anti nausea medication. Hoping it stops soon. she wanted cold water big mistake. Tried some warmed apple juice no go.
Doves fever finally broke around then. she has a low grade this morning.

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Mel said...

I found your blog this morning while searching the web for homemade chicken feeders... like your blog, hope you don't mind me becoming a follower.

Yikes, hopefully you are all well soon, it is no fun being sick.


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