Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Parent teacher confrences

funny day today

This morning my darling patted me on the bum and greeted me into a new day. "time to get up babe"

You know I did not even hear the alarm over my CPCP machine. So up and at the tasks I stood, then bidding him on with his lunch in hand. The house was quiet so I sat in the silence and prayed. Read some in the book of Lamentations. Seamed to speak to me. After a time Dash came in and asked if Dad was up yet. Telling him he was off to work confused him. He went into his room coming to me to say that his clock was messed up.
So he and I sat and I read three Chapters of the Proverbs to "my son". As time passed I thought I had better get the day rolling. Well so strange for the morning just lingered on so sweet. It was then we realized something was amiss.
Later on in the morning the call coming in confirmed it.
Steve called me  "what happened!?" he asked. "I thought that something was just odd about the drive, I got here to work at 6a.m. a whole hour before expected". He had me check the alarm clock and it was set right where it always is. "strange"

Well the kids and I had realized it was an odd morning.So they went off to school.

Steve had a day to work that would end just an hour earlier, JUST IN TIME TO MEET ME at the school to attend both of the kids parent teacher conferences. Now I was concerned of attending for my immunity is low with the infusion due on Saturday. I had spoke to God about it too. Even asked God to help me submit to Steve's leadership. HA! He woke me up.
HA! funny God.
We sat outside for Dash has over 30 to one ratio in a small class room. NO WAY should I go into that rat hole of a germ den.

We had wonderful reports for each kid. All A's and B's for each. Very good reports of behavior and character. Felt real nice to know that they are flourishing at school.

We learned a little tidy bit, Dash's teacher is turning 35 this year.
SHE WAS ONLY 5 years old 
when Steve and I got married! 
Now that is an odd thing. The sweetest thing however. She is not yet married and desires kids. She said "I realized that it does not matter, for you two have made me understand by watching you and teaching both of your children that I will adopt."

So we figured it out that perhaps it was the CPCP he heard. The alarm is an ocean sound used for many many years. We dislike the abrupt beep or buzz of other clocks.

Dash taught me how to play CHESS tonight.He is really working on writing v printing. He really likes it better. If I could just get him to do the home school books on it. Dove is the best writer of any kid in any of the grades she has been in.

Black and Tan Marble Chess Set

Dove is sweet and going into her own. She lost her bedroom door yesterday. No more teenage door slamming here. :) She is really handling it well, very contrite. Steve came down on her for poor treatment of me. It was awesome that he loves us both so much.
She wants to be called 
Water Wolf
proud WOLF

She will most likely have some life about the ocean the kid loves the water. We live so far away from any, but oh the kid loves it. A water wolf I have learned is a name for a type of fish I think it was a large cod. She she sees herself a blue wolf born of the water. Beautiful image I think. I love wolves. To me they are holy and remind me of the long train ride from Moscow to St Petersburg through the black forest of Russia. She will be doing a three month geography study using Russia as her topic of country.

Dove is doing Chorus this term I am thrilled and eager to see her performance.
Dash was just elected today to do another term of Student Council.

so if your husband taps you on the bum and tells you to wake up and start the that God is in his direction.
Funny that. Steve got to go to the kids conferences. This is the man who hates to get out of the warm covers. It was totally wonderful having the time to read Proverbs to my son.

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Susie said...

Isn't it nice when you have an involved husband?

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• how to be kind and submissive (not subservient) to their own husbands. (See Titus 2:3-5)

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