Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hello Dear Hearts

Denise asked How I am feeling. That is thoughtful of you to ask. So here it is...

The port sight is doing well. Still sore and a bit yellow from the bruising. The other wound at my neck is swollen a bit, it is a tiny incision however. It sits right at that bone just under the throat right at the tip of the one side of the dip in my color bone. Lots of muscle spasms, just too fun, not.

I went to my dermatologist concerned of skin infection (staff) however he said it looks good. When I told him of the CVID he was stunned of an adult being diagnosed. You know he got me in within an hour. No charge!
My pharmacist for the infusions said the diagnosis of adults is one she sees. Not very often but now days it is caught. I am so blessed to have a GREAT pharmacist. She and I speak once a month or so. She always makes sure I have all I need and even visits a while. She is so thoughtful of my latex allergy and my tender skin (lots of bandaging with infusions and the iv) . We speak of the holy and the divine. She asks of how I am and such.
My shoulder is hurting fair amount. The turning of my neck or looking up pulls and tears (or so it feels like that). Sent me to a gasping round of tears night before last. We were in bed and as I adjusted a pillow with my left hand reaching up with my right to tuck it under my head, OH mercy. It was as a tearing sensation. Perhaps an adhesion. At any rate my sweet darling just held me till it subsided ans we dozed off to sleep. So it is still healing and the catheter is tugging some (or so it feels). Several times a day if my neck moves up or to the side pain greets me with a hardy 'yep I'm still alive!' Ha
Hurts! I have driven today and yesterday. Still a bit difficult, shoulder is tight and so is my neck. The port is on my chest and the tubing over the clavicle. The clavicle is non to happy about it. It is getting better. Today is just day 8 after surgery.
With the new nose mask the CPAP (for sleep apnea) is being used at least 3/4 of the night. Rest what a concept :)

My infusion is the day after tomorrow and I am still pretty energetic. That feels so good!

The 6 month labs show that my levels are staying in a safe range between infusions, a real good thing. My body is taking the treatment. This will allow the lymphatic system to heal. It was pretty much gone by the time they found this. God is so good. I could of easily caught something to have it kill me. Here came He my Savior ready to stop the thief. So many many years undiagnosed and untreated, I have a real chance at a pretty healthy life now. The infusions will most likely be for my life time.

Makes me feel a little sad that my husband MUST be insured, employed until I am at least 65 to get medicare under his history. That is only another 15 years so not too bad. It is so wonderful of late. He got a promotion and a raise. Amazing in this day. He is now on salary and exempt. First time in his life to have it happen. Although no overtime option, it has been many a year that overtime has been obsolete.

Thank you all for your kind wishes and prayers. It is a wonderful thing to be loved.


Susie said...

I do hope your physical being improves soon.

Denise said...

Well you are on the road to getting better at least...Tough things you are going through.... but you have been made strong..... Life has pushed you around but it has made you very tough! You just keep on keeping on and tomorrow you will feel better!

It will be so wonderful now with the port...... Thanking the Father God that HE has brought you this far...... HE will see you through......

ohiofarmgirl said...

I am happy that you are healing but don't do too much too soon....try to rest as you need to. Be blessed. Dianntha

Amrita said...

Oh dear sweet heart Donetta, I am feeling so bad for you having to face all this.

Sending you get well wishes.

Debra said...

Donetta--I've been praying for your quick recovery... And I do thank you so very much for your sweet comment at my blog yesterday! You always bless my heart with your words and I pray that God will reward you for that. Blessings, Debra

Denise said...

love you so very much.

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