Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals for 2011 Thinking it through

Subjects set are...

  • Relationships: Friday family nights, schedule time alone with kids and husband, return e-mails/comments and visit friends blogs, set up time with friends, Stopping what I am doing when the kids are inviting me into their world and thoughts,reaching out by phone or email, thank you notes, take time to send love notes, stop all/everything and just embrace, blog hop and comment
  • Homemaking: menu each week, laundry weekly, schedule termite service $$bummer!, patch walls, decor and do inventory, manage said inventory, coupon collection, keep weekly track of refrigerator using all left overs, Keep Monday - Saturday schedule (see side bar), organize property
  • Spiritual: Prayer for husbands employers bosses bosses and up the line, prayer for clean hands and pure heart, Scripture time, being a better example to others, service work, get finger printing done for elementary school volunteering, collect and giveaway items we no longer use, Keep a day of rest by getting task done before Sunday
  • Physical: walks, reduce sugar intake, drinking water when tempted toward sugar, 'way of life plan', foot care schedule weekly, hearing aides, eye apt for family, looking into port surgery for infusions, a pound a week drop, kids well visits, physical for Steve, work on infusion stress, get mono  inoculations for kids, schedule colonoscopy, grow nails back out,
  • Parenting : 100 things I like about you list, set structure to create a better work ethic in the kids, everyday ask 1. are you drugging or drinking...why or why not? 2. are you sending internet images...why or why not? they need to know WHY they say no  (by the way this really annoys them:) asking the 5 W's every day what, when, who, why and where. This will emphasis to them self the reasons why NOT to do it. Library each week with kids, support them to have and set goals, Dove to Jr High set up the college prep class, set up new chores lists and charts for kids, teach them a new skill (chore) each month, Study adolescent/teen development to be prepared and proactive, eye to eye contact listening to them even if it may not be interesting to me
  • Educational: renew interests in birding, garden and flowers, work on Novel editing, do a study on the power of kindness, study body language, sign language, adult and childhood development, study garden information,  recipe books, topical scripture study, study ebay selling,
  • Creative outlet: tend to studio, bead and sewing desk, make gifts and set aside for kids bday parties, friends and each gender. Make things to offer up to sell, write, blog posting, poetry, sew new clothing, attend American Sewers Guild meetings, scrap booking, quilt for son, valance for master bedroom,
  • Pet and Garden care: walks with each dog, chicken coop and greens, compost turning, study of plants and ready a spring garden, look into water collection tank to rid it of algae, rid yard of rocks and fill in the edging with dirt, feed wild birds, dog baths, get new red wiggler worms for garden in the spring
  • Financial: Keep budget up to date weekly or even daily, save monthly, taxes quickly done and filed, files up to date, Adoption records organized, Look into the % to set next years tax on income, sell some of the home school books,  keep to budget use a end of summer trip to motivate us, set up automatic payroll to save a little for each kids college funding, sell trailer, hearing aids, Kids compensation (not allowance) for non family tasks, set aside $ for each kids bday, continue to hone budget, lower RX costs,
  • Recreation: keep a list of monthly FREE events to attend, set a bit of funds aside each month to do a little something (even if it just a little), list plan and budget for something, think of a trip for end of summer look into low cost options, plan a party for turning 50 (?),Blog hop and post/comments

Well this is what is before me so far. 
It is nice to get it out of mind into print.
These are some of the goals set. They are the desires of my spirit, soul and body. These are the things that appear needful to have a well balanced life and a prosperous one. This will get printed out and placed on my clipboard. As the year progresses the list will ebb and flow. Many things at year end will of been accomplished. This is a wonderful reward of efforts. If I were to simply RESOLVE to do these things...well they would overwhelm me and I would get all kinds of stressed out. As goals they motivate me, they become a mission. Thus into accomplishments I become accomplished.

sense of self

These are building blocks of Self Esteem.

Now many a folk understand little of this. Self Esteem has become a bad word. God wants for us all to Esteem our self as He does. Safe, knowing who we are in Him. Having a sense of belonging to Him and the greater whole. He has set before us a life and in that according to Ecclesiastes one that we find pleasure in the works of our hands. That is all that is left for everything is a vanity empty and void if we do not FIND pleasure in the accomplishments there of.



Wow. Thanks for sharing these. I'm sure they will also help a lot of readers see the big picture this way.

sarah said...

your list is great...Happy New Year to you....

Donnie said...

A lovely post but one long list. Mine is simple "forgive as I have been forgiven" and "don't sweat the small stuff cause it's all small stuff". Have a blessed New Year.

Susie said...

Sounds like a great plan:-)

Angie Knight said...

Uhmmmm....Donetta, are you going to have time to breathe in between???

Just wondering! ;)

YOU are such a giver. A giver of heart, soul, love, home and all that God has blessed you with!

I pray that God will give you multitudes of blessings in this year as you journey on with HIM!

Love you dearly my sweet friend. YOU are thought of so much--even though I don't read/comment as much as others. (Studying really has my time capsuled).

Blessings on THIS day for you!

Charlotte said...

Wow, Donetta, sounds like you've got an ambitious agenda. I think that's great. I know with God's help you can achieve all your goals.
Blessings in this new year.

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