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Marriage Monday

My own personal tradition is to have a roasted leg of lamb in the oven and the pungent smell of lamb is a focal aroma of what we are doing. We are remembering the birth of a life that changed all time. 
The Lamb of God. 
No more is the Lamb a sacrifice it is a sweet fragrance. As it goes into the second phase of roasting when the rosemary and the curry meld into the pungency turned intoxicating and the joy begins. We often just nibble on the lamb informally with other raw veggies, salads and mint jelly. Relaxed and the kids run freely and gleefully unabashed in an utter abandoned child like freedom. Chattering getting all the props set. Steve tends to the camera.

We will often drive to go see the lights. Candy canes and treats with drinks in car.
Warm coats too.
On Christmas eve we all do a play every year we have done the Bethlehem journey. We watched them all year by year as the kids grow and develop into  members of the cast.
The Story is narrated by the Daddy Man and silliness and joy abound. He errors in telling it on purpose and the kids with glee correct him. They knew every word.

The children traditionally have one gift to open, we thank the Lord together for the greatest gift.  We serve cocoa and watch the play on the television.

He reads them to sleep as I decorate the birthday cake (Jesus bday). They know it is not the exact day yet do we acknowledge his birth. We will have cake for breakfast on Christmas morning then we are all off to search out the child. Hidden the babe from the creche. I am told not to hide it in the chicken coop this year ")
 Once the kids are asleep it is our time.
My Love is a love that is centered in our mutual bond that is three fold. On Christmas Eve after the children are in bed and the gifts under the tree. A pot of tea and a few moments of getting all set for the early dawn. Showers taken we then meet up for our tradition of some 28 years. 
Steve prepares the bread. I the cup and together we come and sit awhile in prayer. Quietly each and then as one we go before our maker. It is the gift of humility to begin the best of gifts of all. We clear the slate with God. He is so good to forgive us. We forgive all we have ought against as well. Clean hands pure heart.
As we sit together he breaks the bread and with the Bible in hand reads the passage we together take the bread in communion. Together..we gather together and do this thing, then he pours the cup. Reading the passage we sip in our remembrance of whose we are and the forgiveness offered to us.
We start afresh.
We hold each other and in the stillness of the lit tree and the taste of the grape upon our lip we kiss and look into each others eyes. Sitting there we just rest awhile in the stillness. 
As the sleep draws us to pillow we turn off the tree and retire.

We are sure to need no clock to awaken.
Coffee is just a push of a button, and the day is off!

We have a party! 
Cake and the hunt. Then after the babe is in his manger we sit down to have our gift exchange. Soon the Grandparents come and I run in from the kitchen not to miss the opening of the packages. The kids play and the others visit while I finish the meal to serve. With the table set the eve before. 

As Much as I love to serve and go all out for a wonderful meal and all slowing is in order. 

This year with the meal I must pace myself for it is now that my health will slow this bird a bit. My wings have been clipped. Not so big a splash of food. It will be more simple as to not miss out on anymore of our childrens youth while going overboard cooking, cleaning and fretting over every detail.  If it is relaxed it will be done. Or it will not be stressed out over.  It will be peaceful like Thanksgiving.

We will celebrate as we are as much as reasonably able to do without running our-self ragged. It is a new year for us. Thanksgiving taught us so well to make it about the living. Not the food, and pretense. Too many a woman smiles through those exhausting mornings missing out on Christmas day and the reward of offering all they do.

After sup the old folk sit around and the kids play. Day gets done and the house grows quiet. We will go drive to see the lights. The kids play with the new toys. 

There are the friends welcome to stop by, the neighbors who drop off cookies. 

The dogs chew on the big bones they get every year.

Normally I just about pass out tired, this year we intend to keep our Christmas relaxed and centered around family friends and all things living.

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Dear Sister,
With Thanksgiving behind us, and the Christmas holidays still ahead, let’s take a few minutes to gather once again for our monthly fellowship. Hot spiced cider is simmering on my stove, and I’m wondering what's cooking in your kitchen …

Romantically, that is!
Joy for Two at Christmas
This month our topic is “Joy for Two at Christmas.” Please join us for Marriage Monday on Dec. 6, 2010. This topic should be fun and easy. We will break for January and resume our fellowship on Monday Feb. 7, 2011. I'll have some brand new topics for 2011 to share with you then!
So how do you do it? How do you keep romance alive during one of the busiest times of year? The following title options give you the opportunity to share your wisdom and advice with us, dear sister. (Note: Number four is a wild card; feel free to make up your own.)
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1. Our Private Christmas Traditions
2. Advent Scriptures to Savor Together
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tonya said...

We love to see the lights too. When our kids were little, I would reenact the Christmas story by moving Mary and Joseph everyday. Then Christmas morning, baby Jesus would be in the manger. It kept the focus on Christ.
Great post!

Bobbi said...

Wow...leg of lamb...sounds wonderful...I wish this was smello-puter! Thank you for the encouragement to "keep it simple" and not miss what's most important on Christmas Day! Love to you today!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Stopped by for Marriage Monday...enjoyed! I too am trying to make it more relaxed...only one of our six is small this year, so we will still be waking before the crack of dawn!!

21st Century Housewife© said...

I so enjoyed reading your post. You have some beautiful traditions. Thank you for sharing them.

Susie said...

What beautiful traditions!!

Amrita said...

God bless you r marriage Donetta, you found a Christ-like husband.

That cake is super.

Christine said...

What beautiful traditions! I love the cake. :) It's so special to share this renewing time with our husbands. Thanks for sharing your traditions!

Mac an Rothaich said...

I love your party ideas, how delightful! AND I really enjoyed reading about you and your husband having tea, prayer and all together. Very peaceful sounding.

Jenni said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing with us your special traditions. Merry Christmas to you!

e-Mom said...

Your Christmas traditions are so beautiful and Christ-centered. You had me giggling out loud here:

The Story is narrated by the Daddy Man and silliness and joy abound. He errors in telling it on purpose and the kids with glee correct him. They knew every word.

Hiding the baby Jesus, a Christmas pageant, lamb roast, and a cross cake for breakfast... I'd love to try all these things!

Finally, your personal prayer and confession together is lovely. Thank your for sharing your family's traditions and blessing all of us who participate in Marriage Monday.

Love you Donetta, and Merry Christmas!

(((Hugs)) e-Mom

Julie Arduini said...

I loved everything you do. The lamb is perfect, I can't believe I don't hear this idea more often. Your heart for Christ and marriage is so evident. Thank you for sharing!

Shelley said...

I love this! And I especially love your time of communion - just beautiful! Thanks for sharing this great love - blessing on you!

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