Saturday, December 11, 2010

14 More days till Christmas

 This has been a nice week of tending to the tasks that drew the heart in.
The mantle scarf once spread from one end to the other gave issue to opening the media doors. In the sewing stash were these pearls that were 60% off and stored some years till just the right use presented itself. It seems quite extravagant to use on decor but they really spoke to me. It had to be done and it is so lovey. Sorta a-symmetrical yet now the doors to the media can be open on the other side easily without risk to the creche. It still needs to be put up just so. 
 Dash wanted for the hens to have their own Christmas stockings too.
So sweet. Now the dead hen Prissy also for
" I believe that her gift can reach up to heaven mom"...said he.
 I found this plastic brick sheet in the old Christmas stuff thought it would be a cute 'fireplace'.  Those cute stockings were made by MILove Steve's mom. They are works of  art. The names folded under, are embroidered. Steve and my stockings were gifted by my dearly departed Sister Midge. This year I have noticed how many Christmas gifts she made for me. They are treasures to me now real treasures.
 Father Santa found this PERFECT spot! See the little bird up on the ledge. I found humor in placing it there. The kids did a great job on the tree.
 The house got a good cleaning yesterday. Mopped floors. This little motion detection snowmen set says "I Love Christmastime, Its my favorite time of year".
 Happy children if you could hear the pleasure in the air. They are playing on the wii.
 Yesterday with a good mopping the fun began. I got a feather in my bonnet and decided to scrub the baseboards, table, chairs, cabinetry, bar stools, oven, microwave and the dishwasher. Refrigerator was detailed and all the stuff removed off of it. OH IT FELT SO GOOD!  I got down on the floor and scrubbed the footing of the appliances where the mop can not reach. IT IS MINE AGAIN> I used to keep my kitchen and home VERY clean. Again my home feels more like it should to please me.
This week along with the bread center the drawers were tended. Clearing out things and making order.
This is a project that has been in process. All of the cutting mats and tools are being gathered to be at hand. On a cooking show I saw something in the background that set this into motion. It is yet being fine tuned but it is awesome. Having these tools at hand both protects me from getting a cut reaching into a drawer for them, or bending to get a cutting board. It also protects the blades.

The other night a broken string on the guitar set into motion my husbands fingers on fret. Oh I got so excited! Soon this was the seen. What joy it gave me to see them.
Today is a day full of childrens laughter and the peace of a guest resting in her safe haven . My little soul daughter is here today. Several years ago I was asking God about doing some additional foster care. Dove was begging for a sister.  The conclusion was a willingness to open my heart to another child to help them as long as it would not harm or hinder my two kids. Then this little kid came in our lives. My daughters best friend. One of those rare life long friends.She is so good for Dove.They moved away some time ago and this fine day she rest here while her dear mom goes to the second job. Scraping by penny by penny. This sweet kid is too grown up in the ways of a caregiver.

They all just made a buffet breakfast. Very cute.  Love that independence. Wonder what the state of the kitchen is?

A day of sewing and preperations are at hand.
Thank you all for your comments of late. I need to find a way to respond timely. Perhaps I will try what others have done and just respond on the comment section itself. I really want to acknowledge yet time escapes me. As well as the energies at the end of each day.

The last three days or so it has been an extra early morning to have a few moments in the scriptures. Really wonderful times. Sitting by the Christmas tree before dawn reading by the lights. Cozy.

Daddy man got a little raise that actually met zero balance budget to the dollar it was so cool! It was a little but just enough to catch it to the dollar. We are keeping tight to goal. I am hearing the kids asking eash other

"are you looking more forward to the presents or the family time?" Asked Dash to the others...The little girl here said "FAMILY"!
She only sees her mom very little her having two jobs.
my kids replied " too."

Gotta love it!


Amrita said...

Everything looks nice an d Christmasy. Joyful anticipation of that DAY.

Please don 't min d me asking , I don 't wan t to offend - but I am just curious to know in America how do people cope with house dust - you all don' t habve maids to do your dusting an d with all the decorations, ho w you manage everyday dusting? I suppose American citie s don' t have dust.

I hope you don 't mind me asking.

Brown Shoe said...

Everything looks so beautifu, clean and neat. What a creative hard worker you are!

LisaShaw said...

Hi precious one,

Beautiful photos and sharing...your home is warm because your heart is warmed WITH JESUS!!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Keeping Jesus as the focus as He is the reason for every season. You are precious!!!

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