Monday, November 22, 2010

The most unusual of Thanksgiving days

Sometimes in life a real big change is in order. This year something we have never done before.
We are calling a sorta ALL STOP for Thanksgiving. Off the wheel we will be just the four of us. Little core with a new take on the holiday. We do not really eat like the usual fair. Only thing we all like is the turkey roasted and the whip cream on pie. See the kids won't eat potatoes, never have. As babies they had to drink potato water in bottle when in the orphanages. See the children around the world do not all have milk or formula. Both kids HATE taters except for fries and tots. Now Steve and I love a good mashed potato, baked or just about anyway to have them. So if they are made it is just us two. We like the gravy they do not. We all like canned cranberry other than that we eat fresh greens, salads and raw veggies. We like the rolls that's about it. Well I enjoy a good stuffing.

We are not going to make our day about food, cooking, buying, cleaning and stressing out. This year is for us to play board games, have moms attention, peace and relaxation. Sounds strange true, yet it is right where we need to be.  We have all voted to go see a movie.

The kids are so very happy to have me out of the kitchen and all of us enjoying each other. Fixing the big meal meant that the kids were never really able to have mom time on their day off. We get to awake together, do our devotions. Cuddle, giggle and play. Food will be there and not the center however. We may love it or regret it but it is where and how we will be this year. This is the first time in many many many years I will not be setting a formal table, cooking endlessly and cleaning every little cranny while decorating. I may miss the entertaining sure. We need a time off though. We need to just knit together the four of us. I think I'll cook favorites that each might enjoy. No waste, no big left overs to over indulge in. We may take a nice drive, perhaps a day trip.

No real plans have been made, no set in concreate ideas.
Play. Fun. Joy.


Amrita said...

So gla d to see you have planned a relaxed family time instead of the stress and overload.

Thanksgiving is time to spend with the Lord an d loved ones and on e can celebrate it in simple ways.

I really lik e the idea of quiet peaceful day.

Have a special time an d I am sure the kids will love it.

I will link this post on my blog for my friends.

Your daughter looks so sweet all dressed up.

JUST A MOM said...

enjoy I will be working. LOVE YA ALL

Annette said...

I like that thought....
Once when the kids where very little my in laws where gone traveling at the time and my mom wasnt with my step dad I have now, she was dating I man I could not stand and I refused to go and act like all was well and submit my children to negativity and we stayed home and I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner just for the 4 of us, we all napped and the Amanda & Johnanthon played and we just ourselves....sometimes we have to take a step back and be reminded what GOD gave us....


Shelley said...

That sounds just wonderful - hope you day was all you hoped it to be.
(Came here via e-mom)

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