Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanks giving and receiving of LOVE.

Your kindness has warmed me. Your knowledge uplifted me. The beauty that is within you has touched my heart. Life is to be shared, carried, and walked beside.
Your prayers have sustained me, smiles have restored me. Memories of times we have known, thoughts we have shared they echo in my mind. Often reminding me of your journey calling me into intercession on your behalf.
In these silent weeks stillness removed my word, voice and thoughts from being expressed. I have been grieving, healing and getting stronger. A stronger hold on who I am, what I believe and the legacy it is my hope to pass forward.

It has been very challenging to find my way through the mind fields to remain uncommon. To keep peace I tried being another to keep others comfortable allowing things around my life that I am opposed too. Other things that I was afraid of being rejected by many of you who may hold a different value.
When I stopped being who I am, saying what I think with bold abandon I became common. When voices of opinion removed my own I faltered. Yet I falter. As do we all.

I have an elder sister who would it seems to remove all of who I am. It has been very difficult to speak freely. I have removed myself from face book. This is more my style. Privacy feels calmer here.

Although this life affords me so many many things, opportunities and people to love and be loved by, I grieve. Grieving the things that I might try to keep myself positive about, thankful for and humbled by.
Learning to adjust to 3 good weeks ending in a few days of all stop, guarded from bacteria of others and even my own family well it is a process. Lessons of pasing myself during a time that so many things were left unattend during the gradual slowing due to the place that the cvid had left me. With all diligence I pase between not burning the infusions off too fast by over doing it, and trying to get my home in order, children raised well and a marriage that is strong and loving.

Having the infusions saddens me, but I can not tell you that.

For I am to be grateful, as I am yes.

If I am asked to mask, it would be that I remain silent. For the truth of where I have been at is not lovely. My mind has not thought 'on these things'. It has been in shock of sorts. After all I have done, all that has been accomplished it was in my mind that all the struggles would end once the accomplishment of "giving myself a life". The reality is not in the hope of what was thought to be. Even as it was often a driving force to keep me going. It is that only is there another road to walk. It left me staggering a bit to see that those targets, that keep us focused on a matter will move and shift through time. It is a natural thing.

I was so set that it would on day be finished. I have had to and am coming to terms that it is what it is.
Yes yes I am thankful for all it is , who I am. The PTSD has changed my abilities and that has hit hard to think of all the medical interventions that came down to that. the PTSD causing the memory stuff. Boy I was just humiliated. It felt humiliating another blow to my heart. One that really hurt.

Non the less my dear friends my life is different than what I had hoped it would be. This is a normal thing perhaps for all of us.

To all of you You matter to me. Emails are rare and comment too. At times it is all I can do to read you, listen to your hearts. Your posts all so often feed my soul. Your comments build me like a brick wall. Some days it just amazes me how ya all help to refocus my vision. My love redirected to my maker and off of the things around me. Thank you for that, it keeps me like life. Words of life. sorta like an infusion of it's own :)

To all of you I am so very deeply thankful for who you are. Your hearts have touched my heart and kept it often strong at a weakened moment. Strength is gaining in the sorrow comes healing. Terms of acceptance is being reached.

The sorrow of my Eldest Sisters passing, touched that in her death the cvid was discovered and again she gave me life. She the one three years in to (some 20 years ago) recovery came to defend the truth I told. She saved my sanity too. It is all too holy. This silence has been a bit of that too. Walking on that holy ground of witnessing Gods loving gentle hand upon my life.

Each day even if it does not FEEL like it I am so very aware that the gratitude deeply placed within me remains.

For this I am Thankful. Happy Thanks giving and receiving of LOVE.


Shelley said...

Oh I can hear pain in your words and I just want to esteem you to keep on being 'uncommon'. The call is more than some people will ever understand.

Denise said...

hello girl! What a beautiful post.. How beautiful you speak your heart... I always have to read your writing two or three times.. but it always touches my heart in a profound way......

I too do not like FB an have thought of leaving there also... I love the blog and it is where I have made the most wonderful friends..... As yourself.....

I have promised myself to get back to the blog as I once did.....

Thanksgiving here was quiet and it needed to be.... We went to my son's house..... I just could not have it here..... too much sadness in my heart...... Going over there worked real well and I just had one moment of sorrow.....
I think of you often and we have even talked about coming your way this summer........ We will talk about that.......

Grief....... It has taught me well.. it continues to teach me.. I will begin to write again on my Samaritan Women Among you blog soon.. I am still in search of who I am....... I will never forget our phone call.. It changed me.....

Love ya much girl!

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Please pray for her parents and family
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