Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Enjoy the times together with your loved ones.

Me thinks every family must have a
Debbie Downer (click here)
This a must see. 
Oh we are laughing so hard. 
Now every time we have a negative moment we do the slide horn and chuckle, lightens every challenge.

endure the commercial it will be worth it. 
There are several others. The one on the family holiday at Disney Land is a real belly laugh.

Enjoy the evening and remember to take time for each other.

The belly is less important than the hearts of those around you. 

We have had a great day together just doing simple homestead type things. Sounds strange perhaps but we have been tending to the sanctuary called home. It has really been a wonderful time together. We kept the kids home. They had a half day today mostly play stuff at school.

We decided to gift them with a mental health day :)  Oh it was so wonderful to see the little faces when given a choice whether to go to school or not. Dash decided to go thinking that it was just an offer to be tardy.

When I woke Dove up and offered she was so funny. I told her to just think on it let me know if so.
She was so grateful to stay home. Then Dash understood it was an all day offer. They played together all morning. Thankfully watching those ties that bind brother to sister, we know the right decision was made.
Many tasks were tended too. One that my heart has desired so long. The boys (daddy man and son) cleared out the edging under the clothes line. It has been a real ankle biter for years.
Then we fished Dove away from her monitor and she came out to throw an ax. It was so awesome!

WE ALL were really enjoying the tasks and the time together. They played on the bricks. Dove played with the chickens. We really had time to show simple things like the momentum of an ax. 

Simple knowledge yes but so rich.
 Dash did math with the bricks. They even spelled out their names and we took pictures. The three of them stacked the bricks. Simple living fun. It just must sound bizarre but they really had fun. Each of them felt so lifted up in self esteem. They each felt so happy to bless me/us. It is just so very much to be thankful for.

She was so excited and happy! Imagine it, throwing an ax and having fun doing it!
uncommon family

Now the dishwasher was broken and Beloved hubby milled made a new part out in the garage. We have a better than new part now. Gave it a good vinegar wash and it is like new. Stainless Steal is beautiful! No more hard water issue.

While he was doing this my big task took on a deeper project. New grout for the shower stall. The things that make us happy. I know I am weird. It was just so satisfying to get that yuck out of the stall.
This last infusion just fueled my jets.
I actually used a razor blade in handle to scrape the entire glass it is so pretty now. CLR was also used. With gloves yes. I know it is not 'green' but yet it is. Lye is a natural element.
The grout removed it is bleached (yes I know but no more mold) now it will dry over night.
I am so excited to take the first shower in it on Friday. It will need a 24 hour cure time once it is caulked.
There were some new tubes of caulk in the garage.
It is so wonderful to use up what we have.

Enjoy the family and all the things that make you happy.
Even if they might seem weird to anyone else.

We are 'Thanksgiving' Happily.
May you and yours find many happy thanks-giving moments together tomorrow and every day.
We will be going to the movies together, and having an adventure of some sort.
Just look so forward to seeing what the day holds before us.
No expectations and few plans of our own.


ohiofarmgirl said...

I am so happy you had such a wonderful day...being together is just so heartwarming. May your Thanksgiving be filled with love, joy and peace. Dianntha

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Evening Donetta Sweetie...
I am so thrilled to hear that you are doing well, and felt well enough to do a few things about the house. Yes it does make us feel good to clean sometimes, as when we are sick, we feel so darn helpless.

The kids look as though they are having a wonderful time in the photos. We all need a mental health day somedays don't we?

I pray for you sweet friend. I hope you continue to get better. Please know that you are in my prayers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day filled with love, laughter and memories for the years to come.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

Annette said...

Like you use to give my children stress day from school, I know as an adult I need them from my job and our little adults are no different than us. I'm like you in so many ways what might be "Weird" to some makes me so happy, I got all happy cause I cleaned the windows the other day, I'm happy that you enjoyed your time with your family and your absolutely right be "Thankful" for the "Weird" things

LOVE to all of you and have a BLESSED Thanksgiving~

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