Monday, May 24, 2010

Trees were dancing in the wind

We were so fortunate to have used our budget wisely enough to take a trip up to the high country yesterday. I love it! Knowing right where we stand to the dollar.
Dave Ramsey knew his stuff.

This was the stopping point for the wind was so stiff that we ate our sandwiches fast on the court house lawn. That breeze was at 50* or so. Strange early summer weather.

We drove on into the national forest of Thumb Butte.
This is a large granite outcrop of a stone butte. The image makes it look too small but then we were half way up the trail. The sun warmed us just perfectly on the trail and the trees kept the wind off of us.

Do you love the forest like I do?
Boy the children sure do. It was so hard for them to understand that they had to stay on trail. Our populous has grown so that if not there would be no forest left.

My two play so well together. They were playing army and had all the guns and ammo they could imagine and boy did they imagine. 
That is the best part of children in the forest don't you think?

Explain this to a kid...
The cattle is one thing but this was really made just for them to have fun on.

The elevation change was so that on the low land of the trail the jojoba berries were plenty, up the hill the bushes were just coming into full bloom. Jojoba is a very useful plant used for centuries by the Native North American Indians and now often in hair care products.

I am always so fascinated by wild life and the history of both flora and fauna.
My hopes are to see what grows in your area
This is Lambs Ear...=bum wipe in the history of pre-paper. Soft almost succulent like this native is as cotton ball soft. Leaf is large enough for the practical purpose of old.
The image is one of four like it. Looking off left, then right, then up finally forward.
The movie Night at the museum...My dear daddy Man is so fun always full of humor
Are your families silly that way?
At times it is a little frustrating but the lessons I have learned about lightening up are so wonderful.
Humor was never much in my childhood.
Good thing to add to life folks.

Dove took picture of the old folks...:)
Oh the vista. Everyone must stop and stretch the vision sometime.
It is far too long a time in between. We realized we had not come up here in 3 years time.
It is only a few hours drive and a nice road to travel if the freeway stays clear. We had a traffic jam due to a very bad accident and were stalled for a good 45 minutes. 
Just took the time to pray for the responders and the victims.
If it were not a fatality I would just know God gave them angles to watch over them.
It was real bad.
My Beloved stands a man of honor who could desire more?
This is granite a large as you can see, specimen.
It was real nice of him to hold it up while we passed.
Stones like these fell down off of the butte over many many decades.
You just know they make the trail go around it. 

I hope all of you enjoyed your trip to Prescott Arizona, Granite Thumb Butte we sure did.
Are you getting away from the city at all.
It was so refreshing to do so. 
Many many events and adventures. Just got to love adventure.


Granite Calgary said...

wow what a beautiful kitchen....its my dream kitchen.......

Susie said...

Those are breathtaking views!!

Denise said...

Sounds wonderful.

Denise said...

What a fun time you guys had.. I so enjoyed seeing you and your sweet hubby.... People think that money brings happiness.. oh how wrong they are ...... Have a great week girl...

Amrita said...

That looks like a good trip. I loke the bum wipe plant LOL

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