Thursday, May 27, 2010

The last day of School

Summers here and I am so jazzed! I love having the children home. The giggles and fusses make everyday a teaching and pleasure opportunity. Yes I know I am a strange bird. But it is the summer that we have so many chances to tie ropes that bind us together. It is the time of ease when they slow down in conversation that and have time to build up the courage to ask questions that are on their mind.

Dash said to me this morning...
"mom I am sad to leave my old class. Even though there were a few rotten kids they were my class. I am going to miss Mrs. M. so bad mom. She is an awesome teacher. I will miss you almost as much as when my dog got out on the big road and almost got hit.
"I really do not want the school year to end mom"

Yep we are uncommon alright.
I am excited the kids will be home and my son does not want the school year to end. Ha!
This pup will be happy for all the play to come.

Dove had an end of school hard lesson. Yes mom really does love me.

She had be deceiving us that she no longer needed her planner signed everyday.
Repeatedly she has been asked..."no mam we don't do that anymore"
Well yesterday I found that planner when she left her back pack home and ...
Since February she has forged not only mine by Daddy Man's signature.
You may ask...Well why did the teacher not tell me?
Well she has the other kids Peers stamp the planners each day for a parental signature.
Two weeks restriction and the loss of the End of year Slumber party that her friend was having.
I called the mom and cancelled with her support.
Dove found it all out after school.
A terrible fit for a good hours time (during a visit for the allergy shots)
I kept my cool! almost lost it one time but sucked air :)
I let her know I was really angry. That I was so looking forward to playing and now that we will just have a lot to do around here, housework and chores. She was reticent.

  ret·i·cent  (rt-snt)
1. Inclined to keep one's thoughts, feelings, and personal affairs to oneself. See Synonyms at silent.
2. Restrained or reserved in style.
3. Reluctant; unwilling.

Last night it was amazing !
I trimed her poor hair.
She had torn it out badly  due to anxiety over expecting when her menstruation would start.
Poor thing. We used an instruction book and she got a nice hair cut. Then we started sharing. She told of things she was experiencing at school. Boys saying crude sexual things and kids that were being hurt by their parents. After all of the talk and the cut she went to get her night clothes on. 
She said 
"mom I will meet you on your big bed alright?"

I heard the opportunity to bind our hearts and did so.
That child who had just lost every privlidge for 2 weeks and even the party ...
She met me there to have tickle bug time. 
She sang for me and I was so stunned at her talent, really she is soprano and clear clean strong voice. She drummed on my back and the rhythm that child has is amazing even with complex beats.

She was so happy! As am I.
Summer Miscellaneous
Summer time and the living's easy...


Susie said...

Hey Summer!!

Denise said...

Have a beautiful summer, love you.

Annette said...

O how I can relate to this and doing the same thing you had to do but we have got to teach our children about being honesty, sense there seems to be not enough of that is this world of ours as well as respect for themselves and for us. I can remember Amanda getting all anxious of her becoming a young lady, those where the days, you always give me some memories, that I can sit here and give a gentle smile too and understand how you feel and think I felt the same way, just give that Miss.Dove lots and lots of hugs, this is a very hard age for girls, but you just keep doing what your doing, your doing a GREAT job there Mom. =)


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Please pray for her parents and family
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