Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thankful Thursday *encounters*

Good Morning!
Lynn over at Spiritually Unequally Yoked is hosting this week. She asked us about any encounters we have had this week in the midst of the Spring.

This morning again found me bent at the hip sitting on a stool out in the front yard harvesting poppy seed pods. This is a wonderful reflective time where the whole of this mad world stops as neighbors wave as they pass by on the way to day jobs. Stress upon faces as each one is in such need.

There was a morning dove doing half her call, she had me respond the other half. We spoke back and forth until my human voice spoken hushed hers.

It is a wonderful thing to learn how to speak in the languages of those whom we have audience. Many dialects only spoken by that one unique soul. Unspoken words that hold a voice all their own. A voice of soul, troubled minds and wherry bodies.
Spent a few minutes with a neighbor who is in the Red Hats Club, a group for ladies over 50 years of age. They apparently have chapters all over the U.S. She had tattoos on her arms. Now even though I would not be one to so permanently mark my flesh others find much expression of soul that they might not ever find expressed if it were not for this art. These are very often meaningful messages of who these folks are or once were. It is a common thing to witness a lack of translation where others just judge them on what they care not to understand. She was heard as we then were open to speak of other things. At the end of our time...she left with her heart intent to PRAY for my husbands project to succeed today.
If you see a tattoo and you have earned the rights or freedoms of trust ask, you might just find the story of a life lived or in the present tense being lived out in the ink.

This week there have been encounters with the bees in the poppy bush. We work together both dependent upon each other. The only thing that could separate us if fear itself. They smell it they really do. We work side by side. They are so amazing working to care for family and their lead their queen. My husbands' queen sits side by side with them working to care for her family.We are one. Same spirit same mind and one in purpose. Dependent upon each other for the very survival. How fear of these critters would be our own demise. WE MUST SAVE THE BEES! If not for their sakes and a sense of morality for our own utter survival. They are our pollinators and we are loosing out do to FEAR.

That in itself is the true battle for the knowledge of who we are and who we were intended to be and to interact with this magnificent world...Fear takes away our own ability to walk upright in mind into the authority we have. Authority has lost it's authenticity and has become a power/greed based poison.

Encounter the world around you and remove the fear by choice. Make a larger effort to cease being afraid of humans. Even in this (in the spirit) I have authority given to me by HE who lives within me. With great efforts I have learned, and am yet learning, to live without that crippling fear. Grow in that as well. Not only with people but this spring...with the created nature too wonderful to hide from out of fear. To wonderful to poison because of a lack of knowledge. Everything trickles down. Goodness and evil. Life and destruction. This earth in all of the splendor was a gift, is a gift of great value. Unwrap it and take delight, respect the giver of the gift enough to understand His intent in affording it for us.

Find beauty within and without.
Step in front of a mirror. Your magnificent that's truth. Do not let your eye lie to you about what you see. Perhaps let that spider climb in a jar and put him outside. Unless he is poisonous set him free to live in the reflection of it's beauty also.

Are you poisoned? Readjust your mirror. See the truth and do not fear it any longer.
Gotta buzz...


Denise said...

Thanks for sharing your encounters sis, love you.

Susie said...

I love that last picture!Happy Earth Day:-)

Denise said...

And once again I say that you need to write a book.. I have never heard anyone ANY better at voicing their inner man than you... You touch hearts by the words that you speak and that is a gift from the Father.....

Blessings girl friend!

Annette said...

What a powerful and beautiful blog...I've looked in the mirror allot here lately, and just stared at myself,literary stared and try to figure things out,here I go...the tears. I LOVE you and Denise is right on, you've got a gift sister....


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