Sunday, April 18, 2010

Catching up on the weekend

The sleep study went well, it appears I do not meet the qualifications for a CPAP machine, this is good news for that means I did not show sleep apnea. The results of the study will be presented at follow up.
He came in and woke me at 6a.m. said he got all they needed. I drove home in the still of the city only seeing perhaps 10 cars all the way home. Even had to make right turns and flip 'u'ee's because the lights would not change for me.

This has just been a real well, a real tiring last few weeks. Thanking God that the phenomena is cleared, however the doc office called saying that there was a abnormal result on the immunity blood work up.
I have to bump up, the follow up, on that too.

Then this awful oral surgery thing. It was going well until today, to much and the steroids were finished today. My face swelled, tongue and throat too, it just plane hurts to hold my head up long. I have way over done it this week end.

Saturday was Steve's employers company pick nick, the family had an extra boy in tow for Dash, and a girlfriend and her daughter came for Dove. The kids had a ball but being the first day up all week it got to me. I needed to leave about an hour before we did. By the time Steve realized I meant "I NEED TO GO HOME" it was too late and my face swelled and I wanted nothing more than ice and my pillow. The parent came for the boy at Steve's call for no one saw me for a couple hours but yet the steroid gave a false sense of "all is well" . I got up and lounged then had the sleep study last night.

Today we took a trip up north to get two trellis I had set up to pick up. Dropped off two necklaces that were special orders then we went to the Grandparents. I had to get going and said so, we left. However the freeway ramp was closed and we had to take bumpy suface streets all the way accross town until we were able to get onto it. I was in tears and just got once again to my bed and ice, three packs. Frustrated at the traffic issue but greatful too finally be in bed. This evening without the steroids the pain is just bad

Steve said "you have just been through the ringer"

yep hang me out to dry.

So many cool things have happened this week end I wish there was more of me to tell.
The court called and the trial I was to be witness at on Thursday was canceled once again. THANK GOD!

Life is wonderful, Steve did the dishes, tomorrow is a new day...
and this too shall pass...

It is so cool that I walked into my new self last night and did the study on my own. It was a most unpleasant nights "sleep" ha ya oh that is what that is supposed to be...smirk

Steve took the kids out to the mall when we got in from the grandparents and I slept all afternoon and just kept my face horizontal as much as I can. Speaking of that...
Everyone is good the kids are doing well. Dove laid on her bed for 10 minutes with the lights off. Trying to desensitize her to her room (the lights in the hall on the whole time). We had held and snuggled on the sofa, me laying on the sofa...who would of thought ha first time I have watched tv and laid on the sofa in months!It was so good to hold her though and just have that quiet time she is such a tender heart.


Denise said...

Glad the sleep study is over, and that it went well. Hope your pain ends soon sis, love you.

Susie said...

I am glad you don't need CPAP. My mom has one and it is a pain AND it is expensive!

Mimi said...

GOOD FOR YOU for doing that all alone, that is a GREAT accomplishment!!!! I would have gone with you!!!!Just so you would not feel alone, but good for you for doing that!!!!!What a fun weekend your family had, aren't the week ends and family wonderful!!!!
Have a Blessed week

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