Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh life! It is not all about us ya know

Hello all of you queens and kings of all that is holy and righteous.
Hope everyone is enjoying the beauty of life and the wonder of living it to it's top!
This day bring a swim party at an apartment building for Dove and of course I will be there most likely life guarding the pool. Dove thought they would be hiring someone to do so but I personally would be amazed if so.
Dash will get Daddy time.
We slept in this morning and rested our bones well. Refreshed I feel ready for the day. Wonderful what a good nights sleep can do for a soul. First one in a long time. The coughing in the night has receded and the x ray came back Friday negative to pneumonia! ya thank God it is finally gone.
Well on another more courageous note...
Last November as some may recall I had to have a re-treat root canal on a tool that was in front of the implant. A year before the implant the tooth that was pulled resulted in an infection to the bone on that side. Well every since the crown was affixed to the tooth it has bugged me. For sure I thought it cracked. When I went in to check on it the dentist filed it down a bit and sent me on delighted the crown was not cracked. That silly crown has still bothered me and Friday it yelled at me while gardening and sent me to the phone to call in for a visit.
Folks I was in my dentist chair within 15 minutes!!!
He took an x-ray it and showed a suspected nightmare, he made a call and within 5 minutes!!!!!I was down the street in the chair of the surgeon that had done the root canal (better said his partner) He took better x-ray and did not charge me.
Indeed the bad dream began. I awoke this morning to the reality that "it is not about me, but that God has his purpose and design in this". GULP!
Yep...on Tuesday morning I have to have surgery on my tooth to go from below and cut off the roots that had calcified and remove the encased infected tissue. It laid quieted down for 5 months from the anti-biotic that all BUT killed it. A sleeping giant awoke in that jaw once again.
I am now on penicillin to fight against that bugger and it has called down some again. By Friday night my jaw was swelling up. RATS!!!!!!!
His ways are above mine and I do not understand His mind yet I do.
I trust His best interest is for me.
We have the funds do to the refinancing, however we were so hoping to use them for a long long over due vacation. We have never taken a family holiday and Dove is now 12.
So Gods perfect timing and perhaps the funds of tax returns can put us in a place to give the family a summertime adventure. I am going to act as if...

That following Saturday the sleep study. I do trust I can do the night without pain medications so that the study is not hindered.

The following Thursday the testimony of the accident I witnessed is called upon. I got notice yesterday that she will be in court and tried for driving intoxicated and some other charges I am not aware of. I witnessed this in 2007!!!! The woman keeps getting postponements. The county prosecutor said it is common practice by lawyers in hopes that the witness will be disqualified. They do not know my God.
I documented the whole thing in a post! HA!
Who said bogging is a waist of time :)


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i am glad they discovered what was wrong with your tooth! :) and yayyyyyy for blogging and documenting events! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Denise said...

Keeping you very much in my prayers, love you.

Denise said...

I am glad that they found the problem with the tooth.. There is nothing like a bad tooth! You are right....... We live in HIS timing and HE is in control.. It is not all about us........but that is hard to remember.......

Love ya girl and I talked to Dennis again about coming to Mesa... You take care of yourself and know that I love ya girl!

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