Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter was a shakin'

Hello every one, I hope all of you enjoyed your day of resurrection remembrance. That day the earth shook.

We were at the Grandparents today the adults all four of us visiting around the table and felt a funny jolt. Steve was staring at the chandelier and we all looked us to see it rocking and swaying, he said..." I think we just had an earthquake. We all went into the other room and sure enough the other chandelier was ricking and swaying.
A 7.2 hit some 300? miles from here in Mexicali on the boarder. Aftershock hit 10 minutes later of a 5.2 and 20 minutes later of a 4.9? some 200? miles up north, off the coast of California.

Strange thing was the children were with us at a performance and I spoke to them about the moment of the Death of Jesus the Christ the whole earth turned dark, and the earth shook. Now at the performance this fact was made a good representation. I whispered to the kids that the curtain in the Holy of Holy's was torn from top to bottom. That this was an event that marked that day in History as fact. Evidence that has lasted all these years.

Today here on Easter Sunday the South West was hopefully reminded of that FACT.

Saturday I attended the American Sewers Guild Meeting  (Let Me know if your interested) and learned a wonderful technique to make a collar for a garment in one piece , cool stuff. After I enjoyed a few hours with my sister at a fabric store. Beading supplies were 30% off and the Guild membership gives us another 10% off. Big smile! So I got some crimps and findings and storage containers and a long lay out board. More importantly I enjoyed my sister.
We went over to her house for a little while and had a little visit at her table while playing with her beautiful collection of cut stone critters or fetishes (a Native American art form). She told me how she had always desired a necklace of one so for many many years she collected them one by one. The necklace in traditional style are all critters stacked one upon another with a bear usually the center.

Then she showed me a magnificent gift she had received from a dear friend who passed on a couple years ago. She showed me one of all different stones. Then two others of pure turquoise. Each animal only 1/2 inch high and the whole of a 30 in necklace. Just amazing craftsmanship!
To think of her desire of so many years collecting and treasuring the few (barely enough to create half a necklace) here she was gifted with three. It was wonderful to see the admiration and treasure these are to her. For her to share them with me was special.

They have many of their floors torn up to be replaced with new floors. It is my guess that it was the reason for the issues of the last 24 hours. My breathing is real bad. Real bad. Only four breaths to a cough up of moisture. Oh mercy mercy I do hope that this is not the third repeat of the year. It has been less than two weeks from the last time. I sat in church this morning and just prayed along with the actor as he, the blind man, sang "heal me"...

I remembered how when I first was a fire for the emote so strong when my new days came to be after asking Jesus within my heart. It took me back making that moment almost 30 years ago fresh as the very moment...

My daughter and I spoke candidly last night. I shared with her that I had feared I had failed her in my anger and poor behaviors dealing with my PTSD stuff. That I was so very concerned for her. She had recently told me that she did not want to pray because God does not hear our prayers anyway.  I told her I knew her brother knew God and loved him, that he had asked Jesus within his heart. However I told her I was unsure of her. I shared a lesson of how just because a prayer is prayed and God does not answer it the way or in the time you desire that it in no way means he did not hear you. I told her the story of becoming her Mother. 16 years I prayed and let go in desperation to be freed from the torment of longing. It was then Steve came to me and we began the adoption process. God did say yes to me but it was in His time. God does say no too. He knows that we need Him to say no sometimes to keep us a right and along the path he sets before us.

During the play...My daughter...leaned into me...and said..."mom I do accept Jesus, I do believe in God"...

Happy Easter, from the depths of my heart to yours.

Easter has been a shakin' here in my day.


Denise said...

Woo Hoo, praising God with you sis, I love you.

Susie said...

I heard about the quake! I am glad that you all are ok!

Alex said...

It is an immeasurable blessing to hear those words from your child. Happy tears for you just from reading it :)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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