Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday

Good Morning!
My Sweet Dove was much more at peace today.
With the changing tides foundation garments were required so tending to it last evening she was much more a confident kid this morning. I love the feathered top she found on a clearance rack $3!.

So after the lunches made for all of them, the breakfasted had we were off to the bus stop.
Greated by this each morn. I have neglected to show you this reward for all my hard efforts.
Poppies, iris, alyssums (accidentally pulled most of them thinking them weeds) and some others don't recall the names.

 Bus stop silliness, that is "baby face " a morning game of chase played now for several years. Dash teases and sister runs in chase. It is their thing that is like a dear ritual every morning. They are forming ties with each other before the day begins. That is what we call it around here. We will intentionally make "ties" with each other. When a discord happens we be sure to tend to ties before the sun goes down.
 Each morning the bus makes a loop and passes me as I walk around the block.
I have lost some weight with the many new thought and changes of late.
Efforts count too.
I sign the sign for i love you, as it passes.
 A mocking bird gave greeting as he was sitting on an organ pipe cactus.

 Yesterday I passed this home where the fellow was leaving in a shuttle . I told him how awesome his lawn looked. That fellow grabbed his chest shy of tear and thank me for the acknowledgment saying "My father always said you can tell the measure of a man by his front lawn".
Just thought wonder if he was flying off to his Paas funeral.

Its Easter time. I forgot to show you what is flourishing in the front yard.
After several a year now getting established the Iris are in full form!
This is as big as my hand fingers out stretched.

 It is a wonder and a joy! Daddy man and I sit at the window during our time of visit at days end and just enjoy the view.

 Today is lead in adds day

I been holding the daddy man at tight rein assuring him to hold on for the cola would be a deal this week with the Holiday. So I'll need to go get several for storage. He has one a day at supper. It is his vice.
I will have his lunch drinks to mix and bottle.
Reuse recycle to reduce
This day will include time in the garden and once I change out the full m memory card in the camera I'll head out to the garden. I'll post over at the BEE BLISS after while. For now it is time to go water and tend the coop and the dog poop hahah

Also tax preparations of the medical documents for the itemized deductions (an instant savings account around here) once taxes are finished I'll have the data entry for budget.
Then I think I'll sit and eat bon bons 

under the watchful eye of those mischievous gnomes I tended my (click here) "Bee Bliss Gardens" until noon.
Now how those kids got him up there?

A little lunch and three store to go to, then home again.
Dash and I have allergy shots after school as well.


Susie said...

Gorgeous irises!!

Denise said...

Glad Dove is doing better. I love you.

Annette said...

I'm so happy that Miss. Dove is better today, I prayed for all of you last night! Love the flowers, they remind me of when Mom married my Dad and we moved out to his ranch in the country and Mom, dad and I went to town and he said "Annette, what kind of flowers do you want to plant in front of the house?" I picked Iris and every year they'd come back, I took care of the yard, living out in the country before getting a car, I'd get bored and thats what I did to pass time, then I came to enjoy it. I think Mr. Dash is just the cutest little man ever, next to my Johnanthon when he was that age!!


Sweet gentle hugs to all~

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

glad all is better!! loveeeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Denise said...

Your home is beautiful ! I love the pictures of your Iris..... and just the sun shine in your yard..... I am glad that Dove is better and they have such a special mother!

Amrita said...

Your kids are so well nurtured and loved by you. Wish I had this too, when I was growing up. Received provisions and discipline, but no emtional support. God bless you Donetta.

Feeling quite low rught now because I spoke my mind after church service, not wanting to appear a hypocrite knowing I would be shot down. Your irises cheered me up.

Terra said...

I enjoyed this peek into your day. I can tell that you are buildings many family "ties", as you mention. My own garden is organic too, and a haven for songbirds and bees.

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