Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arizona Bloggers tea

Oh what a wonderful group of ladies.
What a privilege to hear the beauty of voices chattering and sharing minds that flow with such creativity.
I forgot my camera!
Laughter accentuated the meal. A nice gift exchange (the last of it's kind) was an adventure seeing the things that were so unique. 
The other day I had thought about spring and had glanced at purses when I was out getting a gift for Dash to give at the party last night.
I passed them by with a grateful heart for what I had.
So funny the package I first had in hand just did not feel right somehow so I traded for a box that had wonderful vineyard type paper on it. In it ....
A new purse. Now the funny thing is Saturday morning I put on some glue on nails and gave myself a pedicure too. That bright pink...That is the color that I painted my nails. It was the first time I think in over a year that I used that color. It matched a pink in my spring colored skirt. Same color as the bag!
This is the bag I purchased last fall. It is leather (my first leather bag) so it will be cleaned with some saddle soap before I store it. That bag is like a suitcase. Served well flying to Florida but it has gotten heavy on my shoulder. They have a way of filling up however big they are.
I tried the new bag, it is so spring like but I think it is supposed to be for a travel case. It has to be held by hand or on my arm so it is iffy if I'll keep it for daily use.

Cool though how I received what I had desired a new purse.
All I have need of. :)

So visiting with so many wonderful new ladies opens up a whole new school yard of knowledge and friendships. It was so wonderful to take it all in. 

Both of the children had sleepovers last night .
It was the first time in YEARS that we were alone just the two of us at home. 
We went to pai wei for fresh stir fry and then went to the Wal-mart and purchased an old movie called "seven pounds" with Will Smith, It was so nice to cuddle up on the sofa and just watch a movie in quiet, no interruption or questions. Nor did we even have to pause it for anyone. I know it sounds simple but it is the simple things in which we find delight. It is just our way.
It was wonderful to have a date together at home in the peace and quiet of home.
All a day of play for me.
I am so rested.


someplace in thyme said...

Help yourself sweetie, I took it off someones else's!!! Char

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Donetta Sweetie...
It was so wonderful to see you again yesterday, and you touched my heart many times over. I thank you for that. We are kindred spirits.

I am so tickled that you and DH were able to have a date last night and have some quality time together. I believe that every marriage needs that. I am like you, a movie at home and a little dinner is perfect.

I have so many purses sweetie. I am always donating them away. I am going to have to go through them and bring you a few. Maybe one day we can meet for lunch, just the two of us. Do a little thrift store shopping or something.

Have a beautiful week sweetie. Please stay in touch. Love ya, Sherry

Susie said...

What a cool event!!

Denise said...

Oh how I wish we could have something like that here.... Wonder was it just one afternoon? Was it in Mesa? I think that would be so much fun....... it has given me an idea....... I think that the fact that you got a purse is absolutely just like the Father God.....

Love ya girl !!!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

i love the bag u got at the luncheon and love love love that U had a date night!!! i need one of those too!! LOL! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed the tea.

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