Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An Uncommon Son

Good Morning
As many of you know our kids are Special needs kids.
I find it so amazing how in every thing there is beauty and a provision for overcoming any perceived weakness.
Many of you know that we have to keep vigil and watch for our dear Dash. He may face a condition called Ushers Syndrome. He will need to gain all the skills and knowledge that is possible when he is young. For one day the acquisition of knowledge may be much more difficult do to a possible loss of multiple seances.

We have a public school system that weeds out students with higher learning potential due to high IQ abilities. Dash went to the testing for this in the last few weeks of the former school year.

We just received this letter....
RE: ELP (Extended Learning Program)

Your child has met the requirements to be placed in our Extended Learning Program.

The Extended Learning Program pull out program is for students in grades three through six. Participating students spend one day per week with other students from the same grade level (age differences some concern?) in the ELP resource room with an ELP teacher who has been specially trained to offer students additional challenges in a variety of ares. In some schools, the students are bused by the district to the ELP center at another school for the day. The ELP/pull out service is not only an accelerated program but an enrichment program Students will need to be able to read and comprehend beyond their present grade level.

God met the boys need!
Because of his gift his abilities will give him greater opportunity to gain more knowledge at an earlier age.
He is academically two years plus beyond himself.
I want him to be able to emotionally grow at his pace, never to rush him.
This is a free (our taxes) program.
He will still be in the same school as Dove for two more years.
Now it may be that the Ushers in not going to occur.
I refused the DNA testing because it could destroy our ability to get medical insurance on him and he is the same person whether we know it or not. His hearing loss involves 8 Th nerve so it is what we have to watch for.
We no longer qualify for the benefits because we worked overtime to pay off the medical debt.
This is a hard thing.
So everything will now be out of pocket.
Once we have met our savings goals we will slow down the overtime.
Without it we easily qualify.
Counting the cost we must use these last few earning years to be able to keep up with the retirement possibilities.
Dash is His Son, I just get the privilege of raising him as my own.
I am just so blessed with this child.

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Annette said...

it's strange that you wrote about not being able to qualify for the insurance thing, I too wrote on insurance matters,insurances make's me so mad,literally! and I love how you said Dash was Gods son, you are given the privilege to raise him, so, so, so very true. I remember telling God when Johnanthon was born, (he wasn't breathing) he's yours dear Lord, but if you let me raise him for you, I'll be the best Mommy I know how, as I laid on the table with my feet still in stir ups and the Dr & nurses doing CPR on him, he's still with me =)I cry every time I think about that day, God reminds me of that from time to time.
Dash & Dove both are so very lucky to have you to raise and love them and you will always be rewarded by them & God! you know, I'm sure you've heard this before, but God don't give these children to just any parent, they are picked by him, what honors to know he had you and your husband in mind!
Hugs always~

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Please pray for her parents and family
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