Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday


Good Morning
This is a tackle of the day
Getting this loaded.
We emptied it when we thought we would be selling it.
I am so overjoyed to be able to get to keep and use it.
Now with the kids older it really is nice to begin again and load the really necessary items.
It was over loaded before really.

Note it is dark this morning when I took this image...
This is a stack of several things to do .
A few awards to frame and a book to send to the owner.
Thank you Lisa, I will work to get the book in the mail.

I found a wonderful Amish recipe for a good white bread for the kids.
Dove kneaded bread!
She really enjoyed the feel of it in her hands
She tasted it and love the way it tasted.
Is that just the coolest!
She is making bread!
Part of my afternoon was spent going through the fabrics.
So many choices , as you long timers may recall many gifts of yardage have been gifted me over the last two years.
Time to sew myself a new wardrobe.
This is so fresh and bright.
Summer is the time.
It is also the time to begin to overcome this poor attitude of never sewing for myself again until I loose weight. Hogwash! I am worthy of my own hands skills no matter.

You may also remember the many patterns I found that day in the dumpster behind the fabric store.
I was helping some one move and was searching for boxes.
It was the very store just a week before...
While I was going through the drawers of patterns on one of my mommy nights out...
I desired or thought of how awesome it word be to just have every pattern I desired and not to have to only choose one.
I had large boxes of them!
We (my friend and I ) went through them and then we gave many to a women s shelter.
There is still in my garrage two large legal size file drawers of all different patterns all new!
Except my old favorites of course.

The sewing season is on the way and so this opened up and all the little projects are very time consuming. There are bird houses to hang after I coat them with some clear coat for weather protection. Several pictures to hang up. A few patterns to iron out and repackage.

The lamp was a gift from my MILove. She gives so much to us.
They both do. I came home with a basket of coupons to sort and enter into the case.
Julie has her bday soon. Are you all thinking of doing something?
Trisha are you interested in a play date?

The last of the tomato, and several carrots from the garden.
The last of the carrots will need to be pulled.
It is just getting too hot for them to grow well.
A good cup of coffee and a book.
Chocolate Tofu Pudding to make.

Listing several travel tips.
For the ride...
A cookie sheet makes a good magnet board
over the seat bags with the toys and books
art cases filled with colored pencil and sharpener, they are a clip board so paper is one a hard surface.
Travel games.

Snacks pre packaged
cheerios crackers
Some waters in the freezer so they are well chilled and they melt throughout the drive.

The little artist are set to be busy for a few minutes this morning.
They are very active right now with it.
They are having a wonderful conversation.
I wish you could all be a butterfly on the wall.
This to also bug out the used up markers.
Dove is making a poster of the Jonas Brothers a music Band.

Took Dash out to the garden for our time.
The child wanted to understand what a Maverick was.
This Maverick squash is self planted.
I think it is a butternut that grew from composted scrap.
It is out of season so we have it shaded a bit.

She has a lot of female flowers.
Several squash very pretty.

I am embarrassed to show you this poor pup.
However she is so happy!
I have to finish her up.
It is so hot that we just do a bit at a time.
Her fur was in bad shape. She refuses to let me groom or brush her.
The challenges of adopted an older pet.
They have set in their ways so much.
I was so happy to see her vibrant running and romping around she really is loving the shave. I had not intended to take it so close but she kept moving and it got a few chunks so I had to make it even as possible. She had so much undercoat matted that it just had to be done. It will grow out shortly I am encouraged.

These children of mine
The kindness that they lovingly showed me this morning.
Even now they are each playing quietly in the bedrooms.
I did not even ask it of them. T
They just know it is easier and probably better for them too LOL
Yet they care.
My hero kids
Choose the right
That takes courage and commitment form any of us
Let alone a child.
An unexpected migraine set off and the kids let me rest for an hour.
I awoke and it is gone!!!!!!!!!!

The children and I finished out three day long monopoly game.
I won but had each kid go out all the way by mortgaging and selling off. I showed how I still had to purchase the properties out of the mortgage to the bank.
I told them how it is like our country right now.
I had dove play out to the last dollar and would not let them quit.
At first she was in tears. I leaned her into challenging those tears into dignity and finishing with character. It was awesome!
Then Dash had his turn.
So the game was a lesson in stewardship and failure with dignity.
Then they each had an extended debt of only a few dollars. So while we were all enjoying ourselves putting the game away.
We spoke of how true character would even go further than that.
To pay each debt to the end of what was owed when your able.
Not to just leave a debt standing to be finished with it.
It was so cool!


Annette said...

I always have wanted a pop up trailer, they're small but does the job wonderfully, your only in them long enough to sleep any ways, but hubby wants a small travel trailer. So, did I understand this right? you got the squash plant from compose? that's just too neat, see God knew where to plant that seed at =) and that sweet Dash, just looks so serious, its sweet. My springer wont let us take her to the groomer, she gives herself seizures, must of had a bad experience at one time or another, so we pay the little extra and have someone come to the house and clip her, but her man (Johnanthon) has to be here and with her or she tries to nip them, her & Johnanthon have grown up together, she LOVES him, just about as much as I do! Hope you have a wonderful time with your family in God's country, cant wait to see pictures and read about it, I love reading about your time with your family, will miss you though.....

Anonymous said...

How fun, I have a maverick pumpkin growing in my compost pile, we call it rogue!

Denise said...

I enjoyed this post.

Angie said...

Hey!!! I just love reading and seeing all the "neat" stuff you CONTINUALLY do!

I just had to pop over here to you and tell you I have squash blooms all over my little squash plants!!! And a few on my tomato plants!!! YEAH!!!

You are such an inspiration!

Have a blessed week Donetta!!!

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