Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home grown family weekend

Wow that was a fun family time!
This week end was full of good things for our little crew.
Once My Honey hung the pot rack the reality of 15 ? year old pans showed the need.
However before that project began...
I awoke to an army of ants that found this house of good things too irresistible.
An ant invasion called for a massacre of great proportions.
My sweet loving man was steeping in Sunday Morning.
His body a bit worn from the automotive work of Saturday.
We have all been extending a lot of energy for some time here.
We took turns sleeping in and feel so much better that we are now going to bed
(on purpose)
much earlier!

This bag of organic goodness to the rescue!
A little goes a long way.
Non toxic to us (except if you breath it).
It is like a microscopic glass and the critters just can not survive it.
It is dirt!

I had to build a bridge they could not cross, then I sprayed bleach water on them.
Worked real well.
We pulled the oven out and sprinkled the d. Earth around all of the baseboards.

Diatomaceous Earth
This bag was a bit of an expense $20.
It however goes a long way. It will be incorporated into t he garden soil as a preventative for nematodes and such. Earth worms are not bothered by it.
The house is now sprinkled all around so far the issue is changing quickly.
Well consider the ant...
sluggard gets the ants...got to keep up on top of them.

Well the dogs got my prize winner tomatoes
This was all there was left except three more I hope to get before they do.
Amazing flavor here! It is end of harvest now for them.
Fenced next fall!

As you can see our pans are well used.
This just will not do!
So as it is needed (like beyond it) , Task set to accomplish once the dead (ants) were buried.

Steel wool (the dollar store one worked better than the soaped one from the grocery)
and Bar Keepers Friend
Good stuff!
Yes my elbow is in need of a little greasing...done ran it dry.
(took a lot of elbow grease )

Cant let a pan stay clean for long around here.
Blueberry pancakes and maple bacon.
I hide the real maple syrup
It is my little private stash. My sister brought me some from Connecticut.

A mid afternoon family snack.
Too cool to just go pull it up out of the garden.
I am so loving this crop.

The flavor of these is just so amazing!
A real good turn out.
(low nitrogen for carrots)

Nothing tossed out the chickens finished off the greens.

It was fun to open up the BIG box of toys Monday for the children to sort through.
It was Christmas in May!
We all worked through the last of the boxes in hopes to finish up the space and return the car to the garage for the sake of shade.
Many papers and a box of files were tended too. Take so much time!
We stopped mid day...

Steve even sorted his tools!
Wow This is really coming back together.

We took the kids to the public pool, it was so crowded we went on to the next one.
Ont he way we found a peach orchard, the kids got the adventure of picking some fruit.
Of course they were pulling on me to leave. I could of just hung out there for a long while.
Alas with only a small amount of cash and two kids eager to swim...
boo hoo

We found a better pool and spent a few hour swimming together. It was so nice to do a family time.
At the end of it we took the kids to get Krispy Kream doughnut.
Oh the joy!

Well supper was due the tummies and the doughnut high would ware off all too soon.

So I set to the bbq as soon as we got in.

Home grown tomato
fresh from the earth not 15 minutes before we ate them
home grown carrots.
Home grown onion from last week...
London Broil.

My coal went out!
I have never had that happen before.
I used this stuff.

It lit fast and hot full of the fume of lighter fluid.
They went out though mid BBQ.
It might have been a bit of my error for the lid was down.
It must of not gotten enough oxygen the lower gates were only half open.
Even so that had never happened before.?
(smoke in my eyes)
My new swim suit worked well for me.
I think I am beginning to relax and accept myself a little better.
Perhaps I am just getting tired of being discontent and not changing.
Denise sent a nice Red Hat my sister sent it too.
A video type thing that was really cool.
About the changing season of being a woman.
We had a fun supper and watched Big Fish the movie.
Well better said the kids watched the end through as we were called just as we had finished our meal.
Called that is by the buyer of the truck.
We spent some time with them out side, the father of the fellow finding a long ear in our visit.
He really needed to just be heard.
He had just lost his elder mom who pasted in March.
We shared many things of the spirit.
He told me of how he had invested $400,000 as a loan to a friend who's child went successfully through drug rehab. The woman has no way to pay him back though.
Think of it. He has little to nothing left, yet how rich he is in the greater things.
I admired this fellows compassion.
I know few would save a life like that.

Well the deal is finished.
Truck sold money deposited...NEXT? :)
So the week ahead is laundry, laundry!

I have 10 pounds of fresh picked peaches to put up and bread to bake.

I have been reading a bit of
Watchman Nee ..Spiritual Man.
Good stuff.


Denise said...

Such awesome family time.

Susie said...

Looks like a great time:-)

Annette said...

your a busy lady my friend....the veggies, the pans, the bbq, and you, all look wonderful, they say smoke follows beauty, and it's true in this case!! that's what I say when we bbq and the smoke comes my way =)
Have a delightful day sweetie
Hugs always~

Amrita said...

Nice to read about your activities. Your garden produce is good.My previous pets also liked tomatoes, not Sheeba.

Like your swimsuit

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