Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Take care of yourself

Well after chasing (cutting) chicken I plum wore myself out.
Yesterday I played hookie.
I was all dress to attend Bible Study ready to walk out the door. A realization hit me. I stopped in my tracks with a question that flooded me.
" what are you doing to take care of yourself?"
Well that was followed up with a vision of the lunches made , children fed and off to school. It was then I well understood just what I needed to do.

Yes...I slipped off my shoes and went back to bed and slept like a log for 1 hour 45 minutes of "refresh my soul" kind of sleep.
I had an absolutely fabulous day!
My master bedroom was tended too, as well as several boxes of books unpacked. It was so wonderful! Laundry folded and well just delight in the tasks at hand.

A bit of rest did this woman a world of good.
In the early afternoon My Sister "skyped" I saw the baby real time and got to speak with my niece. So wonderful to see that new mother love so envelope that beautiful young woman.

I taught on Monet the "water lilies" in the afternoon to the second graders. It was really fun. Dash said I did a wonderful job and he thanked me.

The kids took the buss and came home to the snacks and the "family Way Devotional" time. We were interrupted by the guys coming to change the auto glass out. I had parked the rig in the shade so that they would have the shade on both vehicles. They were appreciative of it. A glass of ice water offered to them was met with a "God Bless you"...I said "thanks I'll take that, Oh yes he does"...
Well through out the hour or so they were there I checked on the progress a few times. At the end I thanked them and again he said "God bless you mam'...I replied ..." know him?"
To that both men turned and grinned wide! "Oh yes they both replied and smiled..
We spoke of Gods love and gave each other a fond farewell. It was really cool.

The young door to door sales girl for the company would of normally been rejected at the door with kindness for I normally do not ever accept solicitors. I heard a "Listen to her!" from with n and had offered her a drink of water. When I returned to her with it. I sat and heard her through. She was all of 20 and had only lived here for 4 months from back east. I confirmed the accuracy and company standing with my insurer. Taking her up and doing the deal. It is covered 100 0/0 on my auto no deductible and I had needed to tend to it for some time. It gets so hot here that if you neglect these things windows will crack in the heat.
I told the fellows that it was due to her good work I had hired them.

End of evening held the elementary's art exhibit.
Then home to rest.
We released most of the Lady bugs last night.
I found powdery mildew on the peas today, yikes.
Must study fast to save the crop.

Organic Sprays
Sulfur is highly effective against powdery mildew if used in a protectant program with a minimum of 7 to 14 days between applications. Garlic naturally contains high levels of sulfur and a few cloves crushed in water can be used to make a homemade spray. Apply a sulfur-based fungicide at first evidence of mildew and repeat applications as necessary. Proper timing of fungicide applications is critical to successful control so make sure to begin at the first sign of the disease.

However, sulfur can be damaging to some squash and melon varieties. Another option is to spray once a week with a solution of baking soda. Baking soda increases the surface pH of the leaf making it unsuitable for the growth of powdery mildew spores. Be sure to spray the undersides of leaves as well as the upper surfaces when using any of these sprays.

Here's a recipe to make your own spray:

1 teaspoon baking soda
1 quart water
A few drops of liquid soap

Before treating your plants, test the spray on a few leaves to make sure they are not too sensitive.

The kids have AIMS and TERRA NOVA today through out next week.
That is heavy testing that the schools income is based on. The better the kids do the better the school will be funded.

Well today I will rest and tend to the light duty tasks at hand.
State taxes must get finished!
Wow this is so unlike me to be so close to end.
It happened last year as well, due however to complexities.
This year it is just ,....... well it just need to get finished.
I need to stop sitting around eating bon bons HAHAHAHHA
That or do so a bit more often so I am not so worn out.


Denise said...

I love you bunches.

Amrita said...

Glad you rested. You work so hard.

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