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Theola...the introduction


When I was a child I made a creed for myself that went like this. If I can make those who I come in contact with in my lifetime smile at least once in their lifetime I will have amounted to something. I was a cute little girl so I found it easy to wedge my way under into the heart of many a hardened soul that would peek out and smile. As I grew older that was not the case. It became harder and harder to find a glimpse of many individuals true identities. It has always been my heart to understand the reasons that cause people walk around devoid of the fulfillment that life has to offer. There are those who are as vibrant as the titanium white united with other pigments dashed across the canvas. They have something special.
Many have no self, yet they are like honey drawing others around them. Some are true and clear yet others give this showing as pretense and as a method for some gain, often ill-gotten gain at some great expense. There are those who have discovered this art and use it to gain an advantage. People drifting each day void of character dull of luster. They are itinerants just making it by. It is in within this heart that there is an urge to highlight the influence of true brilliance. Implore a revelation to a life of nonconformity. Passions fly when citizens give an offering of a true self to the human race. Everywhere leaders are longed for.

Masks are worn tightly cinched. The ones who remove them must have great courage and understanding about the ecstasy life has to offer. This source of pleasure has a great price. If we do away with our masks with the wisdom of carefully selected risks we can be become emancipated. If we are too careless at this we can leave ourselves vulnerable to those of lesser integrity with mean intentions. Many a dear soul has done just that. There is a price and profit both to being masked and unmasked. I long so desperately to see people liberated. To see them free from all that has take away from whom they truly are, one who is in their core. The masks that we all find safe to hide behind are the graven images of the identities that we assume. It is Gods desire for each one of us to be true to our own image His image within us. I believe that this was His intention for us. Whether a painter a writer a dancer or an engineer we must become true to our self. We must find that inner voice.
Have you become too comfortable too harmless? When we are “true faced” the power of it is a force to be reckoned with. Amazing accomplishments are achieved. Wonders are performed. Masterpieces are created and people will wonder and long for the power that they see displayed. Do you live under all the self-imposed carvings? Can you let go of the facade that you put up with? These pretenses become costumes to be dressed in. They are not authentic. We are not reliable in then. We cannot trust our selves because the lie is so heavily borne.
As a child I wanted so badly to de-mask those who I saw. Even now when I meat a stranger I want so desperately to see beyond all the outer shells. I want to touch his or her heart and to witness the authentic in each person. I have learned that this can be a dangerous desire, for some are truly so full of evil through choice that the mask was better company. The uncovering had even in that however given me the gift of the truth ugly as it was. I was better able to be safe and wise about them. The people around me for the most part are walking dead. Walking wounded left bleeding for so long that they have become anemic. Can we be a part of the healing of this generation by living true faced? I believe that this plague was not the intention for this earth. If those who are true faced can look into a mirror the hearts would be exposed for both good and the bad. The intimacy would force a right standing. Our choices would be a true reflection of both good and bad character. Perhaps the ugly truths in each one of us could be challenged. If we were discussed enough we might do something positive about it. Then our hands would be clean and our eyes could sparkle and we might even become able to love ourselves as we are.
Exodus 20: 4 the commandment against idols (“graven images,” KJV) and likenesses (forms) seems to been made against the possible incursions of Canaanite religion. This has a spiritual importance, namely that no material representation can be made of a spiritual God, which is covered by the prohibition against idols. The warning against forms (“LIKENESS”KJV) however is something different. The likeness was a mask worn over the face and used in Canaanite religious ritual. Archeologists have discovered examples of likenesses at Hazor near the Sea of Galilee.
God made us in his own image we were once so beautiful. But we become afraid through our guilt and shame. Man once hid himself with fig leaves and now we use the pretense of social masks. We all have an innate need to be noticed that is left unmet. Look into the eyes of those you love what do you see? Make it safe for them to be real. Look deeply and perhaps you might even be seen. What kind of mask are you wearing? Does your social mask really profit you in the things that are lasting or is it just a money-oriented value you gain. Most of our masking is for acceptance from others. Is that really worth it? Who are they accepting, not you. Even unmasked you may not be accepted and that has to be expected and o.k.
In some circles the punishment of rejection awaits those who impose reality on others. They often become outcast. Rebuffed and rejected, discarded and unwanted. They become useless to those who cannot find gain from taking advantage over them.
A determination has to be established that you will be true to your gift at any price. You will express the uniqueness that is within you and some people will like it and some wont. Be prepared for that it will occur.
This is where many artists fall. One of the only respectable forms of removal of the pretense is often found in expressive art. It is given permission then. Is it any wonder the high selling price that art can command? Each mask does turn a profit; it yields an advantage and offers a benefit. But how much is it really costing you.
Have you like most sold out to a life of hiding? Are we all missing out on the treasure you truly are? Is this world at a loss of the gifts that might have been known had you lived honestly? Where are you? Can you be found or have you vanished behind some image that pretends to be you. Can you be found? Are you there, real and aware? If not, won’t you come home we are missing out on knowing you and receiving all the gifts that you have to offer us. Don’t let the fear of rejection stop you. If we don’t like you it is our problem not yours.

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Denise said...

You are in my prayers.

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