Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lap blanket for the school bus driver...

I have had this thought of my dear school bus driver getting that chill on her legs every time the door opens. All those little faces looking up at her for the reassurance. Now I hope she will look a bit more comfortable and more at ease with a warm lap.

I used what I had. One side for any guy that might drive it.
The other little kid friendly with Strawberry Shortcake.
Fabric left over from a well intended Christmas some years back.
The green backing is fleece also , found it at a Goodwill thrift store.
I think over the years a $7 investment.
I can't wait to see her warm.

The sewing room cutting table is now clear of all the junk mail, sorting and filing of papers that were stacking up on it from around Christmas!
I won back my cutting table. I was not amused. I really despise the junk mail adds for credit card.
Your identity is your most valuable possession so having to tear up all the names and addresses on all the mail was a pain.
Going through each credit card request and finding every place they have listed your name helps protect your vulnerability to identity theft.

While this was taking place here the Daddy Man took the kids to the school to play baseball with him. I had the house quiet. Got to missing them. Go figure that sweet man of mine gives me time alone and I feel sad because I am here working while they are out playing. goof ball am I.

After a rest and some refreshment My Mr and I went out to face the dog dung in the yard.
We worked the mucking of the coop and moved it to the fresh long grass once we had cleared the space of dog dun. The birds were quiet for the first time all day.
He moved the compost bens for I had dumped the big one over. It was so full there was no way for me to turn it. My compost is not doing so well for I have neglected the watering and am not strong enough to turn it.
We moved both bens togeather to near the coop. This might make for an easier job of the coop work. Then we turned the earth again in the garden. I left the Daddy man and our sweet little man turning and breaking up the clods while I made supper.
Dove was watching "Leave it to Beaver " and asked if we could eat at the dining room table on fancy plates....
Well I compromised. I put a nice cloth on and use our every day dishes.
Eggs, sage sausage and english muffins with cherry or strawberry all fruit preserves.
My Beloved was in heaven and delighted himself silly full.

We are both tired from the hard work, but the sweetist thing...
At supper my husband thanked God for all the hard work to make our provision and then he thanked God for me and the toil of our hands and the desire of my heart to grow us all such good foods. I felt real nice to hear that. Especially after I had handed him ( well offered/asked him to get it done with me) a shovel to clean up dog dung and turn the earth with/for me.
The soil is now ready I think for the boys used a hoe to tend it. There were a lot of worms out there. I could still use more sand out there a few spots have to much clay.
Hope all of you had the day your of desire.
I hope that you know how much what you do for your families matter,
even if you may not hear it from them.

Your gift of service will not go unnoticed.


Denise said...

So sweet to do the lap quilt, that bus driver will so love that........ and I want to have a little garden this year, maybe I will get out and get something started.......... burrrrrrrrr but it is a bit too cold today........

Happy sunday

Amrita said...

So sweet and thoughtful ofyou to makethat blanket forthe bus driver. Who would have thought of it.

Denise said...

That is very nice.

Wildwood Mama said...

I love the lap pretty and thoughtful!

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