Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tea Party

Well this evening brings some improvement for me. Although I am still week ,I am not in as much discomfort.
I have been invited to a tea party after Bible time.
I have not been given an invitation like this before.

Dove, Dash and Daddy Man read the scriptures for the story time and then he reads from one of their books. Bible time is not an option.
So in a few moments I get to go into my daughters world and be with her.
Now...when given a cup of water and the dust in the cup creates an infusion you would rather not drink..............
she ran to the kitchen and came back with a tiny bits of a cup cake. It was proportioned to fit the plate. We had so much fun! Laughter is good medicine,
She got a new tea party set from her Cousin for Christmas, it is the one with the dark flower on it. I told her she could go get my antique one from off my beading shelf. I told her that she is going to be 12 this year perhaps she might be able to take good care of it for us so we could do this again. She was not sure if she wanted the responsibility of it.
We played reverse manners.

I had cake and got to have my fork to eat it too.

That is reverse of eating with your mouth shut.
She and I laughted at being a little naughty all in making fun of how dumb it is to have bad manners. So fun! I played with Dove! I played!

Then she put lip gloss on me. Wanting to take my picture i gave in carelessly.
She was so happy with her good job....then it took a silly turn

She choose the darkest gloss and made me promise to close my eyes. She then got set to take the shot and I did a goofy face to her surprise. We laughed so hard. I went in to see dash and it frightend the poor kid.
Then she took me by the hand to show Daddy Man.
I think his humor was off tonight.

Mercifully My Darling Husband has not been doing overtime this week and he covered my back today with the chores.
In these tough times he was acknowledged at his employment with a very rair and amazing thing...a raise!
Yes he recieved a raise our income will go up I think 1.50 an hour. This will be such a help by spring we may well be able to be back on our savings track.

Earlier tonight while Dove was doing her homework I was stunned to have her do an amazing thing. she was very upset at the method of the equation she was attempting and I was able to be gentle and patient with her. Everthing inside me was telling me her actions had nothing to do with the math. I invited her into her room where I laid down beside her and just held her a moment.
She ralied and said that she needed to finish her homework, but "you can stay here and rest in my bed mom, I'll turn off this light ".
Then in a moments time she had cleared off a rolling cart and returned with a glass of ice water for me incase I had a thirst.
I laid there and just prayed for my girl.

We had a bit of left over for supper and then watched some cooking shows togeather.
time to rest.
thank you for your kindness.
I hope you have enjoyed Theola the novel. I am hoping to get a way to put it over on the side bar so the space on the page is not taken up.
Does anyone want another chapter?
I am finally doing the editing as I ready it to post.


Amrita said...

Lovely bonding time with Dove. Shewill remember this.

Denise said...

Great pictures.

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Please pray for her parents and family
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