Saturday, July 26, 2008

Please Pray with me for my heart is full toward so many.

My dear Long time (19 years) friend is challenged right now with health issues. Yesterday she had to ingest radioactive iodine. She is doing well. I love her so much! Will you hold her up in your thoughts and prayers with me. She has an eight day isolation of sorts (from infants and pregnant women).

Her blog is "Just a Mom" on my side bar. Your encouragement would also go a long way. It has been so quiet out there. I hope your all doing well.
There are many who I care so much about who are suffering right now. I find myself thinking and praying a lot.

There is a young man who I have known all his life. He has made another mistake that might land him in prison (again), a foolish mistake. This child has poor impulse control and now, a young man. I am broken over the loss of his productive life. I had a vision of this when he was small. To see this unfold is heart breaking. I long that his soul at least may be freed. I have watched this last year as he (in my opinion) has been set up to fail.

My dear Friend Michel has been challenged with a terrible illness that leaves her incapacitated and worn. Her suffering is taxing her so hard. I miss her warm smiling heart. Suffering is hard. I MISS YOU SIS> Please pray for her that this heath issue , this terrible mystery become solved. Medical testing is hard she needs strength and encouragement. She is a mother with three kids to raise and a husband who loves her and needs her. Please pray

Please pray for Trisha "Photo Daughter of the King" my sweet friend. She has a very serious inner (to the brain) I think ear infection that is very rare. She is responding well to anti biotic. My desire for her it to be free of this infection. She is a beautiful soul with young children.

Please remember "shorty bear" Denise. She bravely faces diabetes and all of the many challenges that is faced with this life long illness. Encouraging her is a blessing.

My sister is moving next week and today she is having a tag sale. Her husband and English citizen is facing deportation. Her home sold, they are temporarily going into an apartment. They have lost almost everything. The dollar has little value to the euro they have lost so much. She is walking on a knee that is all bone on bone and is having a total knee replacement. She is 2000 miles away and I can not help her either. Well not physically. So I pray. I pray for her souls freedom as well. Think about the pain she is suffering with the knee lifting boxes and selling every last thing. I grieve. Her moving to Europe with her husband means that I may never see her again.

These are only a few of the reasons I have been so quiet. Don't you just fill up inside with grief when those you love suffer? I just want to weep. I keep a silent vigil of thoughts of compassion and Yet, my life goes on and there is so much to rejoice about. So many tasks undone. The beauty of children to teach and lives to tend to. So little I can physically do for these. So I pray I hold them all in my heart like so many tightly squeezed teddy bears. Hugging until my arms ache.

This morning I am asking for you to join me in prayer.
As I go about my day this has been my heart

Oh thank you...
I just need to share the load and ask for the prayers that avail much.
I hope you are all well and filled with the sights and smells the sounds that bring beauty into your day.


Photo Princess said...

I am warmed by your heart toward all of our prayer requests! Thank you for including me. Update on my condition, I may still have the infection after all, I go back to the ENT Monday to verify. I had gone for a follow up CT scan and the person that gave me my results gave me mixed info.
Also had a routine EKG this week and the Dr. suspects there may be something going on with my heart, it may just be the way I am though. I'm praying that all is well with my heart. All this medical news is trying to get me down. I'm fighting against it. Thanks so much for the prayers and I join you in lifting up the others as well dear friend.

Denise said...

Bless you my dear, precious friend. Your prayers for me mean so very much. I love you bunches, I will join you in praying for all of these dear ones. Take care sweetie.

Michelle Gregory said...

Thank you for mentioning me along with these others. There's always someone who has a harder life, more difficult challenges.

(I miss me too, but I did get some writing in today. Hope you had a good day with the kids away for a while.)

Amrita said...

My heart goes out to all these dear prople. What life battles!

Ps 34;18 says

The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

I heard a song called "THe Fourth man in the Fire" by Sharon Liner, on FM Radoi.

Jesus is right there with us in the fiery furnace.

I showed my Mum you chicken and she realled liked them...names and all.

The black ones could be Black Minarkas, we had them on our chicken farm

Amrita said...

Show us Dove 's b 'day photos my dear

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Please pray for her parents and family

Please pray for her parents and family
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