Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thankful Thursday...Chicken Coop, Volley Ball and friendship

I am thankful!

This is how I have spent my mornings this week.
The church gifted us with Volley Ball lessons for the 5 days. The kids are running hard and are very tired by the end of a Day.

They do drills and have them establish skills that pertain to the game.

They have improved much from day one.

There are several levels and skills represented in the 10 different kids.
The coaches are professional and the children even do a devotional.

I have been working on this while I wait. The last two days and then yesterday here when a friend came to visit.
I have had this set up to do for years. I just fell in love with it. I thought I better finish it before the kids are grown.

I have been a bit blue lately. several small occurrences have wounded my tender ego. I was almost in tears yesterday. Just feeling so lonely. I reached out for that is the gift of loneliness. I had a few nice little encounters. I was sitting in the church lobby while the children played Volley Ball. I normally sit in the gym on the bleachers. I am the only Mother who ever stays.
It was nice to have a few little fellowship type moments. Loneliness can hurt when lies from the enemy flood in. Having memory problems from the brain injury makes socializing very threatening sometimes. It happens so very often that I do not know who I am speaking with or I am not sure. That just makes me want to isolate. If you notice anything about me . I am a gregarious soul. Isolation is far from healthy for me. So I keep trying to reach out. Sorrow over swept me of late for so many many lives around me are in crisis. It grieves me so to see folks suffer and struggle. I want to help and so intercede. It is a prayer of whole heart ed compassion and of late I have felt drained to see so much suffering and so many consequences from poor choices.
A friend had a message on my voice mail when I returned home. She wanted to come over and did so. We had a real good mutual support and heart pouring that we each needed. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I was able to finish my dishes while we visited and get a lot done on the pocket dolls as we sat at the table and fellowship ed. It was real nice. She feels safe here and comes to my home to rest. I am so warmed that she is safe and can rest here. It is a real delight and a touching tribute to the peace in my home.
After supper....We went to work on the coop!
This saw is failing (after 30 year) so he took it apart and it is still going. We are using earplugs for it is VERY noisy and squeals like a banchie.

It has been a very full last couple of days. Last night the kids took turns using the hammer to nail on the red steps. We think it good to give them experiences like that. It did however slow us down a bit. We must have ready the habitat by Saturday at the very latest. Friday night in actuality. We have been working on it every night. Knowing Mr U as many of you do , I am sure you know how beautiful it is. I keep having to remind him that it is just a coop it is alright if it is not perfect. I'll tell these chickens are going to be living the good life.

"Delight yourselves in the Lord; yes, find your joy in Him at all times. Have a reputation for gentleness, and NEVER forget the nearness of your Lord. ... DON'T WORRY OVER ANYTHING WHATEVER; tell God every detail of your needs in earnest and thankful prayer, and the PEACE of God, which transcends human understanding, will keep constant guard over your hearts and minds as they rest in Christ Jesus.* ... Fix your thoughts on what is true and good and right. Think about things that are pure and lovely, and dwell on the fine, good things in others. THINK ABOUT ALL YOU CAN PRAISE GOD FOR AND BE GLAD ABOUT. Keep putting into practice all you have learned from me and saw me doing, and the God of peace will be with you."** ...
I have been having a lot of nightmares the last several nights. I have to be much more thoughtful and careful of what I put before my eyes. Reading too many current events and watching too much late night T.V.

I have a very full day today! I must take the kids to VB and then we have a treat. I get to take them to a place called "Bounce You" it is a place full of inflatables. It will be the church group. Perhaps the children might meet a friend and consider Sunday school. As of now they sit through church with us. That does not bother me. It would just be neat to see them with kids. I like being the spiritual educator, bout it might be cool to have a back up Sunday school teacher to confirm what we teach.
I have lunches for all of us packed. The dishwasher humming. I need to put supper in the oven so that it is cool enough to refrigerate before I have to leave for VB. Meat loaf!
I am a tired girl and it is not even 7:30 yet!
My sweet Beloved sat bed side and patiently asked me about my day. He was tired and yet he kept talking with me.Until was talked out. Often the sweet man just passes out of exhaustion. Last night he made himself totally available to just listen. It was really touching. I have a big weeping in my soul. I am not sure but I think it is over the suffering around me in the lives of those I care so deeply for. When I love others it is to the core of who I am. Perhaps faulty to the outsider but deeply from my core. I weep. Without tears, silently.
It was so good to have the fellowship of my friend and my dear beloved. It comforted my heart to be un- alone yesterday.
I am thankful for the fellowship of the Christ Minded who love me.


Denise said...

I love you my dear friend, saying prayers for you always.

ohiofarmgirl said...

Be assured, you do have friends in blog land...just reach out! Dianntha

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