Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: I have a loaf of bread that got the edges slightly freezer burned, I will make an egg and soy milk soak with cinnamon and clove with a little vanilla. French toast tonight with home made syrup of pomegranate.

Dry or day old bread is great for french toast. I use many egg, cinnamon cardomon and clove. Soy milk and water. The bread soaked up for aroun an hour.

That is honey butter.
Home made from 3/4 honey and 1/4 butter whipped to submission.
Bacon broiled in the oven (this is a quick trick).

Now some folks think this is a big mess of an oven
Think about it when you fry bacon stove does your stove top, walls and under your cabinet look. Verses the oven and it being contained and most of it just burns off the nest time you use it. It is safer too, I do not get splattered. My time is a valuable commodity. I put it on the pan turn it once and it is done.

lay it out on pure white toweling

Now, after you pat it out...Plate the bacon set aside. Use the toweling to absorb the bacon grease, while it is still warm.

Then walla! toss the oiled towel and the pan is almost clean. A little hot water and away is the mess.
Today I need to grind meat. I got three nice roasts at the end of the week. I will grind and cook up the burger (some of it) for easy meals.

Make and bake a meatloaf for later in the week.

The kids have Volley ball lessons this week.

I made McOmmy's (Relatively) Happy Meals for lunch.
Kids said "They are a "Little" better then McD" no toy *a lot cheaper*:) WELL!
Organic grapes and crisp fresh apples. Whole Wheat bread organic romaine lettuce and fresh ground burger.

Bake a corn bread for tomorrow while the oven is hot.

Tuesday: Chili con carne" (with meat) from the grind yesterday. It will of been precooked. I will have bell peppers and onion in it. Cumin and curry with cayenne. Corn bread with cardamon for its wonderful sweet flavor.
Dice up onion and cut up celery and carrots for snacks.Cut up beppers as well. By dicing up all the vegies I can at one time I make one mess to clean and have it all ready to use as I need it for a day or two. Some things do not cut too early. They tend to loose the nutrients or quality.

Wednesday: Rice and chicken tenders, yet to be determined.

Thursday: Tacos, ground beef precooked with taco seasonins, lettus and cheese, tomaotes.
Homemade beans.
Friday: Meatloaf (sheded carrot, zucinni, egg and oatmeal) prebaked just heat and searve. with baked sweet potatoes.

Saturday: Chicken poppers (baked chicken tender bites that are coated with a breading, with tater tots, fresh fruit.

Sunday: Left over day

Snacks: carrot,celery sticks with peanut butter ,grapes apples, fresh blue berries, muffins and cookies.


Denise said...

Your meals sound wonderful.

mubeimmik said...

Your menu sounds yummy! I LOVE the idea of broiling the bacon in the oven! Brilliant =D

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