Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I gotta tell somebody !

I gotta tell somebody !

So if you read my earlier post I had a concern about Dove and the little girl that was a bad character influence. So Dove walks in the door.
"MOM...I just can't believe it! I am not friends with (the girl) anymore.!
I have had it with her"

Me..."it sounds like you have made a strong decision to take care of yourself"

as the evening rolls on...
Her telling Dash the scoop...
"They said that they were sick and they needed water and I ran to get it for them I was concerned about them, I looked over my shoulder and they were just trying to GET RID OF ME! I went back and she said (the other little girl) was dying, and that if I did not get her water she would die and that it would be my fault!
I have just had enough."

Wow say I , I am so sorry your treated that way...

"She used me mom! I am tired of doing all their dirty work! They do things wrong and say it was me and I did not do anything"

"no Way! " say I, how does that make you feel?...

"mad!"..she adds
"I do not want to be friends with them."

Say I , "I would be angry too, I don't blame you.

No one should treat people that way.

I am glad your not like that."

Wow !
So I picked up Dash in the truck after student council. He had found a kids lunch box and so we drove it over to them , the mom and I are good friends. We parked the truck in the front of her home. We had a nice impromptu play date and then get ready to leave. We all get in the truck.
Now mind you 3 months now I have had a foreboding about my tires. I had watched a 20/20 about old tires and tread separation. Every time I get on the freeway a prayer is a continuum as I am uneasy. I had told Beloved several times to check the date on the tires. Some tire company sell OLD tires as NEW and the new looking tires have a tread separation and then the SUV's roll. People get hurt and killed. Big problem here in the states. Little known , BIG PROBLEM> So week after week I have said to him Truck tires ...please check the date...
He checked the tread ware and the air pressure was checked just two days ago all looked fine.

So after a trip today to fuel the rig, go to the post , and to go to the school to get Dash. Then a trip to give a lunch box...covered was I under the shadow of the wing.

As we started up the truck to go home from our unexpected play date the truck rolled funny... Yep! a flat rear driver side tire. Beloved made fun of me I did not notice when I got in.. Kids in tow a lot of things can get over looked... I rolled 6 feet and realized something was wrong .
sure enough a flat Driver rear.
I put a call into beloved to come home. He left work only a half and hour early (into his normal 2 hour O.T.) Very little loss of income! . He arrives as a sweet and generous friend feeds the children and then makes for her and I. Her husband would be out late working.
So he leaves after filling the tire with a portable compressor. I get a call.
That tire , the spare and the others were all separating!!!!!!!!
Only one of the five tires was good (it will be the the new spare)
So $824.00 later 4 new tires (it is a four wheel drive)
1991 Toyota 4-Runner
There I was with the children safe, he at the tire store safe.
A zero balance budget in place just the day before!
So after transferring line to line we were able to come up with the $824. to pay all of the cost of the tires.
No savings this month and Christmas will be slim, BUT no debt, no roll over on the freeway!

Sport Utility Vehicles and Tire Tread Separations

SUV Rollover Accident:
Tire blow-outs and tire tread separations can lead to deadly rollover accidents.

Belt-leaving-belt tread separations, whether or not accompanied by a loss of air from the tire, reduce the ability of the driver to control the vehicle. This is even more dangerous when the tire failure occurs on a rear tire at highway speeds. If the tread separation or pressure loss occurs on the front tire, the driver usually is able to control the vehicle by the use of the brake and the steering wheel. However, when it occurs to the rear tire the loss of control can be serious enough to result in a crash or rollover. The likelihood of a crash, and injuries or fatalities from such a crash, is far greater when the tread separation occurs on a SUV compared to if the tread separation occurred on a sedan or large pickup truck instead. Many SUVs have a higher rollover propensity and are therefore much more likely to roll over and cause serious injuries and even death.

Supper in the tummy we drove the car (he left it for me) home.

I stopped by the Christmas street (a decorated cul- de- sac of homes) and took the kids through the Bethlehem display , a walk through that tells the story.

The kids had shared their grumpiness about the Christmas being gone. I assured them they each got a nice gift from us.
We are alive safe, full and covered!
I told them this is Christmas! We have each other.
After the tour of the Bethlehem street, I again told them...
"Children...this is what Christmas is about. Not toys, not stuff but that Jesus made a way for us.Some day we may be able to have those kinds of Christmases again. God gave all to make that way.
He is the gift.
Dash slowed his pace..."Hay Dove, he said... Lets slow down and wait for Mom... That way you won't have to hurt your knee Mom"

Just had to tell somebody what He did for me!

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Denise said...

Wow, such a sweet post. Sorry about the tires, but very glad you, and the children are safe.

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