Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Flood

Raccoon sleeping in a tree by Tambako the Jaguar.

Hubby and I slept in this morning untill 8 a.m.. The kids were out playing in the back yard really enjoying each other.

I popped over to the store to get two gifts for the children before the crowds hit tomorrow.

We have a job on Saturday to put up some Christmas decorations and lights for a neighbor. She said we had been on her mind and asked if she could hire us. I told her I would rather to do it for free. She desired to give us a wage and I accepted it. We were able to get each child a toy they had wanted without disturbing the savings. We are really trying hard to follow our goal. Dave Ramsey money makeover.We are thankful that we have no debt except the mortgage now. We are working hard on our 3-6 months emergency savings fun. We have really struggled with getting far ahead at all due to medical expenses and not following through. We are taming the flesh. It is truly a challenge , but we are on the same page. We will be using this weekend to type out the pages to formulate the 0 balanced budget a hard thing to start.

Vintage sleigh in woods

Then it was over salt river and through the , well...traffic to grandmothers/ Grandfathers house to go...
We were running a few minutes late and I was so concern about loosing the reservation.
The men folk went and saved our place in line and we arrived with Grandmother in tow just in time.

This is a stock photo
Dash had this


Dove had her choice.
8 oz Prime Rib
I indulged a bit with this, sharing my salad with the kids.

Mr Uncommon was sate with a cheese burger.
After our meal we all met at the grandparents .
The brothers and our kids went in one car.
Poor Grand parents came with me in my terribly messy car.

Dash came in to us at one pint saying ..."Mommmmm...
I think something in wrong in the bathroom."

I hurried in to see and found this!

prevent home flooding

So as I waded through the water soaking my swede shoes .
I got to the tank and pulled off the lid

just then Mr u. was at my side and I hurriedly turned off the cut off valve.

Turn off toilet

We spent an hour cleaning it all up.

Dash had used a toilet that was poorly designed.

I flooded and we were able to stop it seconds before it got to the hall carpet. After we shop vacked and towel up and wrong out the towels I took a shower of my feet and arms.

Beloved and I worked together and we always enjoy those times.

Grandma got new toys for her house. They were a hit! Dash built some Lego and Dove played a game with daddy where she made the rules and won often.

MiLove and I worked on a lay out for the front page of a web site for me. I really enjoyed us women both just being able to be together and not over a hot stove in the kitchen.

Grandma had pies waiting and Dove helped her make the whipped cream. Dove longs to do that with her Grandmother every year. I think it will be a life long memory with her.

Make every day a 'Pi Day' with my favorite recipe for the favorite classic, Lemon Meringue Pie
My MILove actually mad pumpkin pie with soy milk so that we could all eat it. Dash and I were so happy to have an option.
Pumpkin Pie
It was wonderful~

Uncle brought his traditional rolls for he had already ordered them some time back. They come on a wheel like this. Dash was so thrilled to see them. It is his favorite thing about Thanksgiving dinners, the only thing he misses.
Montana Gold-Dinner Rolls by Travis Stansbury.

We drove home to a sky a fire and clouded at sunset.


We gathered an egg, and covered the birds, and came in before the rains,
(I took this yesterday)
It has been a perfect couple of rainy days here.
Not too cold just romantically rainy.

The kids watched some cartoons and My Beloved and I watched some TV (an old ER) on computer together while the thunder rolled.

We all came togeather and shut the house down. After teeth brushing Daddy Man did his reading time.
They are reading the Bible.
He is reading it aloud to them.
Read The KJV Bible
They wanted to have a "sleep over". So although we would like to see this it is in reality more like...
Two Yellow Labrador Puppies Sleeping Together - sleeping, Yellow Labs, Labrador, Puppies, Two
Photographer Charlie Phillips captured these incredible pictures of dolphins leaping out of the water off the coast of Scotland
Laughter and silliness that brother and sister do thrill in.
They are catching up with each other.

I hope all of you had a wonderful day.
I really feel relaxed, without the stress of the cooking of the meal.
I feel rested and refreshed.
We all had a great day.

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Denise said...

So glad you had a nice day.

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