Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving.""

The Scarlet Tide

When I recall his parting words
Must I accept his fate,
or take myself far above this place.

I thought I heard a black bell toll
a little bird did sing.
Man has no choice when he wants everything.

We'll rise above the scarlet tide that trickles down through the mountain,
and separates the widow from the bride.

Man goes beyond his own decision gets caught up in the mechanism,
of swindlers who wreck loves kiss and brokers who break everything.

The dark of night was swiftly fading
close to the dawn of day
Why would a woman loose him again

We'll rise above the scarlet tide that trickles down through the mountain ,
and separates the widow from the bride.

We'll rise above the scarlet tide that trickles down through the mountain ,
and separates the widow from the bride.
by Alison Kryuse
as heard in the Movie "Cold Mountain"
A film based in the American Civil War

Some parts of the movie must be fast forwarded or skipped, but this is a profound story of love.
I am moved deeply by the hidden meaning I find in this haunting melody.

(solo flight)
I often think of it when I think of God's love for me,
and my love for him.
I am a bride of Christ, not a widow.
My groom lives and he will return to me.
He is no longer in the grave.
He is with me as spirit.
He holds me, comforts me.
The beauty of a birds song

for even the sparrow has everything she needs.
When I recall Jesus' parting words...
I take myself far from this place.
I let go of my choice, and my will.
Offering myself up to the design of who I am created to be.
In this it is always better than any choice I could have imagined before me.

I want no part of the mechanism.
Removing myself from greed saves me from
stolen love of coveting things, and broken dreams.
Keeping my eyes to the light beyond this darkened world,
is my sanity to hold fast to him and never loose Him.
As nothing can remove me from His love.

The tide of his blood covers the whole of life.
Those who are within it are filled with hope.
We rise above the loss and trust that our groom returns.
That we are not left Widowed.

I will look to the dawn of day.
I am so very thankful for this hope,
and the peace found within me.
As the battle here on earth remains
with the horror of casualties scattered around me.
As in those years of the great civil war.
The battle rages on all around me ( in the spirit)
over the lives of all I know.
Brother against brother.
Greed, lust and the hope of gain to posses it.
With tighten fist the fear is a mechanism of the tormentor.
Man has no choice when he wants everything.
Freedom is the gratitude to simply receive what we are given.
Remembering that to whom much is given...
much is required.

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Daveda said...

Thanks for sharing.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Denise said...

I love you, wishing your dear family a very happy Thanksgiving.

Amrita said...

Have a great thanksgiving weekend and enjoy all the left overs too. LOL I remember last your you described how you prepared other things with the leftovers.

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