Friday, November 7, 2008

getting rid of plastic food dishes...

My day so is noon
I am attacking this with great effort.
I have been working in the garden spraying off the pests from the crop.
I harvested 5 radish and the dog ate three of them org! I left them on the table when I went to hose off the porch.

Laundry began at dawn.
Will probably continue till dusk.
It does dry fast with the line. The washer is a front loader and does double loads.
I dried the (90%) dry jeans in the dryer to soften them up

After reading the article in the Thursday Thirteen yesterday I tossed these scratched up plates out. They were #5 plastic, but still the health of the children matter so much more than any convenience.

As per the dog getting the radishes. Well Last night I gave them mercy. The nights are down to mid 50's. So I let them in. The morning began with a bang as the kids were up early joyfully acknowledging the mercy I afforded the dogs. They are so happy and proud (?) of me for letting them back in. Dash said it feels like home again. Unfortunately it will get all messy too from the fur and the dirty dogs that I have yet to make time for washing.
I hosed off the garden, gather my two eggs!!!!! and threw the rye seed for the new lawn. When I fed the wild birds those little guys were waiting for me! They were right there when I hug the feeders. I have 5 baby tomatoes out front!

My clean patio and window screens were a joy for I put on some country symphony music and had my potato soup on the patio. It is in the mid 70*'s today.
This is why I live in the desert!
You don't want to live here though it is far to hot in the summer!:)
Well with the outside tended I must now continue laundry and the indoor chores.
Dash's room...send rescue if you don't hear from me.

9 p.m.
Never did make it to Dash's room. I worked on the layout of 12 lanyards. A teacher at the kids school told me that she thought they would sell fast for the cost I would ask.
Thanks Debbie for the childcare ( play date ) it really helped me to get many things done.
I hung laundry all day and worked on jeweling.
I found a third egg in the afternoon. I left it there so the kids could "find it " this evening. They were on to me and it was a little less than exciting. They were happy about it though.

We all went to target to redeem Doves new reading award. She got another free pizza from Pizza Hut. Dash and I had chicken tenders. We walked around as a family and just window shopped so to speak. We gave the children some time to look at the toys, but purchased non. We think it is good for them to go look and walk away empty handed sometime. It is a skill to get out the door with the budget in tact. I got a American flag for $4.00 to hang on the pole it was marked half price. I have desired one. We bought the movie the "Water Horse" (great Irish culture and scenery) for $15. cheaper than going to the picture show. We will all have movie night tomorrow.

I hung my last load at 8:30 p.m. it was COLD on my toes. The lawn was wet as was the laundry. My icy hands startled My Mr. and Dove. Found myself singing "you get a line I'll get a pole honey...
YOu get a line I'll get a pole babe. You get a line i"ll get a pole well go down to the fishing hole . Honey baby mine. While hanging laundry in the 70* sunny breezy afternoon. Just beautiful out

Thought I would sit and rest a while. I have earned it!

I learned the little girl I watched will be taken out of school for a month for childcare is a distance away. She will be caring for a woman who had a hip replacement, it breaks my heart. I know however that I gifted her with what I was able too. I can not let my family go down hill in efforts to help another family that is not making the kinds of choices to help themselves. They not ones for learning how to fish. I'd do an injustice to just keep dolling out fish if they don't even bother to search for their own bait and tend to it to keep it alive.
Sad sad thing. Very sad for the child's life.


Denise said...

Do you ever rest?

Diana said...

Donetta, thanks for your comments on my blog! It has been an interesting transition, and I'm anxious to get back to blogging! My, you do live a busy life!!

Amrita said...

Your dog ate 3 radishes. that 's amusing. Mine never do. I 've got a big radish patch in my garden.
Today i made radish stir fry.

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