Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Works for Me Wedensday, cook once.

Buying in bulk and cooking once for several meals.
Recently I purchased a large 5 pound roll of Jimmy Dean sausage (sage).
Safeway had English muffins buy on get one free, and white eggs 18 count buy one get one free (I use the white for recipes to save money). I use cage free for scrabbled .

I sliced off several patties and fried them in the saute' pan.
I put the rest into the large cooker to cook down.

These are thick and can be sliced in half to make a breakfast sandwich. Just heat fast in micro wave oven. Several servings here. I lightly toast the muffin and do a over firm egg stack a little mao and who needs the golden arches! Remove the patties to drain on white toweling.

Now after the removal of the patties drain grease from pan into an empty can from your recycle trash and you do not need to wait for it to cool. Do NOT put the hot oil down your drain. De glaze the pan with( left over) corn water, stock or water and bring to a boil. I had 3c mix of water and corn water (don't waist the flavors of the water). Add 1 1/2 c rice and boil down for a few minutes.
Notice that you just used 1 pan 2 times no needed washing it ( you have just saved soap, water, and effort).
Meanwhile break up the bulk cooking in large pot. Add about a pound to the rice after you drain it with a slotted spoon.

Now add corn, sage, chicken glaze (mine was a gift from my brother n law. It came in a nice little box). The dark color is from de glazing the pan and this give intense flavors. I added a palm full of dried onion flakes ( a staple in a good pantry).

I use frozen corn not canned. I try not to use much canned foods due to the lining in the cans has been found to be a bit toxic in doses that exceed certain amounts. This was purchased in bulk at Costco.
Note here:
Corn in the U.S. will be climbing in costs due to flooding in our mid west so stock up girls.

A little sea salt, sage and time to boil YUM! This turned into a dinner for 4, a dinner for 2 then left overs for one.

Now remaining sausage into a bowl lined with white toweling and drain out the oil.

Using my rolling pen once cooled I put up two pounds of cooked sausage for another day.
I bag it flat to promote fast thawing and compact storage in the deep freezer less air in a freezer is better so when everything is flat your storage is expanded.
If you are to have a monsoon power outage your freezer stays solid longer.
Use the old can to toss your oiled towel.

This is a family favorite.
So savory!

5 pounds of sausage cooked once.
6-12 egg/sausage mc muffins.
7 servings of rice sausage corn dish.
Two pounds cooked frozen to make more meals with at a later time.
I think the meat was $5-$7 for 5 pounds. If you shop lead in sales they have it cheaper.
Heads UP!
Pork prices in us will be increasing soon do to loss of pork in the mid west several farms of pig were drowned. Although I do not use much pork it is a treat once in a while.

Two pans and lids to wash , one plate, one bowl, one slotted spoon.
Wipe down the stove.
Reheat left overs in a micro wave or stove top.
Time and energy are a homemakers treasures invest them wisely.


Denise said...

Thanks for such great tips.

Totallyscrappy said...

We make McMuffins at our house only we call them McOurlastname-s. :)

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