Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sunday night. I have laid low all weekend. Chomping at the bit tonight, it's like I can hear the wild horses off in the distance and I want to run wild with them. The moonlight is so free and limitless.
Hubby is exhausted and the kids are now off the sugar high. They had a great time at a birthday party today. I had the house to my lone self this afternoon. Beloved stayed at the party and visited with the other adults, while the kids all played free.
I am working on documented three months of expenditures so as to develop a budget. This is so frustrating for I do not know how to use a paper ledger spread sheet. I want this thing hard copy. I need to be able to touch it and see it and understand it. I am stumbling around with some of the categories and how to do this thing professionally. I used to be able to manage thing so well before the kids, crisis and the loss of 2/3 rd's of our income. I know I can do well with it again it is just tighter and more holes to mend. We are so blessed to only have a mortgage as debt. So I think if a better plan were in place and the leaks stopped up I could try to save again and also pay down the mortgage some day. We also need to have a little travel money to do a trip somewhere and not be stressed out over dong it.
I am trying to fill all the holes we are pretty good about it but I want to improve it.
I admire simple living.
Our home is very energy efficient, I do a great job on bargain hunting. The menu could stand to be more consistent. When I am knocked off the wheel everything changes. It is easier to gain income and learn to live on it than it is to decrease and do so. The sound principals were have lived under all these years are paying off in a big way now. We have no debt other than the house.
We are going camping this next weekend if all goes well with my knee. It is well rested and I think ready for an easy week. I have a ton of laundry to do. The kids rooms have me almost to tears of frustration. everything that was organized is in a disarray. Clothing is "rat holed" and so I am just at wits end with those kids of mine. Often I blame myself due to lack of training them but the fact is Miss fiction is broken here! It is maddening! It is however just who she is. Her mind organizes in her way try putting all the markers away and the pencils too she will have a rush to need to collect everything yellow. I'll find a stash of everything that I have missed in a hole somewhere they will all be yellow. Or round or fury or blue books. It all comes down off the shelf out of the bin from every corner. ARG!!! I know she is just who she is. It is just so maddening I feel crazy from it sometimes. If you cant find it count it lost until I get the umph up to dismantle a bunch of rat holes. We have pack rats hear in the desert. I live with one::)

What are your budget tips??? Do tell...
Maybe I haven't covered them.


Denise said...

Everything will get worked out dear one.

Neena said...

You sound overwhelmed. Break those tasks down into managable pieces. Only deal with one piece at a time and don't think about the rest! You will get it done.
As to the spreadsheet. If you deal better with hard copy - outline it on paper first then create and do the input on the computer.
Good Luck!

La Tea Dah said...

My budget tip is to eat according to the seasons. . .and keep it simple. Soups, beans, whole grains --- all are inexpensive and so savory and delicious!

I'm really writing to comment about the darling daughter. I had a friend who's daughter was similar. My advice is to 'relax' and 'go with the flow' when it comes to her room. Of course you want it 'clean' --- but it's her space, so if she feels comfortable with piles of clothes, stacks of books, and such --- let her be. Of course, maybe a one-day-a-week sorting would be helpful, but it's 'her space' and there will be a lot more stress off you if you can handle it. Of course, the 'no food' in the room rule always helps (with mice and other interesting critters). I may sound way too lenient --- but someone once gave me this advice with my boys and it helped things SO much! I went from 'daily cleaning' to 'weekly' with them and learned to shut the door! Hehe.

Enjoy a blessed week!

LoveMyStarr said...

Sounds like you've got a lot going on. I don't have much advice to give on a budget. We used to do an envelope system (after we'd written the budget, of course). We would label the envelopes with titles like gas money, food, fun, etc. Then, we'd put the amount of money alotted for each in the specific envelopes. Then, we'd only spend what was in the envelope. Any money left over would be saved.

I definitely understand the chaos of a house with small children. I only have one though. It's hard to even pick up after her because as soon as I do, it all goes on the floor again and again. Very frustrating.

Sending prayers your way. said...

I am with Denise on this!! God will help you get this worked out!! Love you, Grams

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