Monday, October 8, 2007

Autumn Goody Swap

Christine is Doing a very fun

Autumn Goody Swap


Here’s how it works:
*EDITED* This is open to all bloggers.

  • If you’d like to participate, just add your link to the Mr. Linky below. You have until October 16th to sign-up.
  • You will be sending your package to the person next in line. For example, I will sign up first and send my package to the 2nd person who signs up, the 2nd person will send to the 3rd, and so on. The last person will send a package to me. Got it?
  • It is your responsibility to contact your recipient to obtain their mailing address. Use this opportunity to meet a new blogger and possibly make a new friend!
  • Beginning October 17th, you may start mailing out your goody packages. Please try to get them to their receivers before October 31st.
  • You should try to spend somewhere between $8 - $10, not including shipping charges.
  • As an added incentive, the person who refers the most people to join this event will receive (and since I love choices) something chocolately or something from Bath and Body Works. So they need to tell me who sent them.
  • Once you’ve received your goodies, don’t forget to take pictures so we can all see what you got!
  • To know each other better, I’ve posted some fun questions to get to know more about you. You can post your answers on your blog or in comments.
  • Have Fun!
  • Questions:

  • What do you like best about Fall?
  • The cool of the morning. The community all lowers their shoulders and people become more relaxed and less stressed from the heat. They stop complaining and start smiling again.

  • Do you have any family traditions for this time of year?
  • I celebrate Harvest and the Joy of Bounty.We rent goof ball movies and shut all the house lights down. I buy bags of candy for the family, each persons favorites. The kids and my Husband and I watch movies and snuggle. We are trying to find an old flick "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes". I will be dressing the kids in costume for school as a literary fictional characters. Because of my family history I can not in good conscience do "trick or treating" . It is just not O.K. for me. I might do a church carnival, maybe?
  • I also pray a lot this time of year for those who are ill intended that they would be hindered and that children would be covered in the safety of divine protection.

  • What’s your favorite Halloween chocolate?
  • I love candy! All sorts of candy. So in like manner as when I was a youth with that pillowcase full of treasure, mine would be a mixed bag assortment. Sours to mellow the sweets and sweets to savor. Chick-o-sticks are one that comes to mind.

  • Is there any Halloween treat you do not like?
  • I don't like pixie sticks, ghost candies and ghoulishly decorated things.


    Denise said...

    Sounds like fun.

    kailani said...

    How funny! My husband and I were just talking about Pixie Sticks and how it's just colored sugar. Yuck!

    BTW, I'm supposed to send my swap package to you! I'm so excited! Could you email me your mailing address to anislandlife at yahoo dot com.

    This should be fun!

    Christine said...

    Yay! I am so glad you joined in the fun. I decided on Autumn Swap, because I wanted to include those who did not celebrate Halloween and celebrate the season rather than the Holiday!
    I appreciate the mention.

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