Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun Monday

Pamela is the hostess for this Fun Monday. She choose the topic. She said:I want to see what you see on any given morning this week; from somewhere very near where you live. Front porch, back porch, down the street, around the corner. Just makes sure it’s your neighborhood. Post a photo that will send me to the travel agent to book a weekend at your local Bed & Breakfast.

Every morning I make lunches for the family. These loving hands (a cleaner version of them) embrace me and I follow him out to the garage.

Where we bid each other a fine day and I see him drive off in this 4 runner alone on his way into his long work day. It is very warm here even now in October. Many "snow birds" will be flocking their way here shortly for the warm days and cool evenings.

My street looks like this only pirates are seldom witnessed.This is a shot of one such pirate. This is a late evening photograph. Our home is shaded while the sun set illuminates the end of the block.

Retuning indoors I feed these two so I can have a moment of peace with my son. With the exception of the dead of summer the outdoor fun is year round.

This is the yard he plays in while his sister sleeps every available moment she can, most days. I come out and swing on the hammock with him and we talk. Summer monsoons can green a lawn up pretty as do the sprinkler systems many homes have. It's just the water that the desert is running low on :)

To check out more of this Fun Monday’s participants and sign up for this week’s assignment. It’s never too late! click HERE.


Pamela said...

awwww... I like your spin on it.

I put you on the list!!

Sorry if I missed you the first time around.

Karmyn R said...

Wow - it does look warm there. I know many snowbirds who are headed your way in a month!!

my4kids said...

Oh I'm getting a little jealous of so many of you talking about warm weather! We are cold here in Alaska already. You have a nice backyard!

Christine said...

I love your neighborhood. Marissa has several close friends she went to school who live there, and we would love to move into it.

Lovely family group shot.
I am so looking to some cooler weather.

dawn said...

I like the story with your photos. It looks like a lovely warm place. I am one of those who would relish a few warm days in the sun in winter, but that is not to be, so I enjoy the snow and go skiing. You have a beautiful neighbourhood.

Tiggerlane said...

That is awesome to include your family - and I love your street. I am definitely going to miss the "suburbia" when I move...

And you have a GREAT backyard!

ChrisB said...

You have a nice street. I love the hammock.

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