Thursday, October 20, 2011

standing tall on both legs

This has been a day full of wonderful news!
It is determined that my left new will NOT need the total knee replacement we suspected. The even leg stature that the right knee replacement gave has stabilize my other knee so that the space, the margin of the meniscus is level and equal (no bone on bone now) it is good for another five years or so now!

Oh this is so good for December was targeted to have the left knee done just after Christmas. OH YA! nothing to dread. I'll have the brace made for it for long walks or hikes

I will be able also to keep my infusion nurse. Now that has been another fiasco. The nursing Company she worked under was sold. Sold to some very shady folks who even wanted my nurse to forge a test on a medical devise. They went so far as to email her a test form all filled out to sign. She refused. Then they denied her her due pay as a specialist so she finally quit them. We have worked through the specialty pharmacist to get another agency so I could keep her. Meanwhile the company sent me a completely filled out DNR= do not resuscitate. I refused to sign it of course. With a barking dog, on a Sunday just two hours after my nurse had called me came in another phone call. It was the woman from the agency tattling on my nurse telling me she had resigned. She was all about finding out if I had been informed by my nurse so they could punish her if she informed me. The level of immaturity was startling! These are the same folks who refused my Occupational Eval at home when my insurance ordered it. I told her I No longer would do any business with the agency.

What a wonderful thing to learn My Ashly would be here for me on Tuesday. God is so good.
My Doctor learned of all of this and called the Specialty Pharmacy that subcontracts the nurses, that finally got the action. This is the strange thing. Ashly is hired on (I am her only private patient she works full time as a wound care specialist at the hospital) by the woman who sold the other company That her mother.

Ashly does not consider her once a month 6 hours with me work. She enjoys our time together.

After speaking with the mother who was kept out of any of our conversations reason given. Conflict of interest or the appearance of. Strange world. This Mother of Ashly my nurse sees me as a second mother to her daughter! They both fought to make sure that I was not left without the best of care. They did this so very professionally too. So the mother and I had a long loving conversation. She expressed exceedingly high admiration of me personally for all of the interactions between myself and Ashly over the last year or so of infusions. Ashley thought so much of me that at one time during the CVID conference in May she asked her mother to come and secretively meet me. They did not let on that they were mother daughter.

Now if I were, as I can be at times, a suspicious woman it would all seem a bit too good to be true of innocence. I have worked with the amazingly kind generous Ashly. She sits six hours a month to do the infusions. She is a sweet woman who truly cares for me. Even so it is sorta weird and lifts a tiny red flag.

Steve's last project took off without a hitch. Big news for us and for our good fortune employment wise.

I am off of the Narco medication and feeling better. Yesterday I had a low grade fever so we have a little caution here with the infusion being a 5 week'er.

Another cool thing is that I climbed stairs today at therapy. A flight of 15 or so up and down three times. OH FREEDOM! Steve helped me overcome fear yesterday and I was able to get down on the floor to do my exercises and get up all right. Now by climbing I mean no stop in the middle of each step. This was left right left right each a new step.

I am loving my new set up. This keyboard is so nice to use.

I will be seeing a spinal specialist to get some help with the stinosis in my back soon. Just for advise not really willing to do injections yet or especially no surgery. Just need some help with the pain and to keep watch on any progression of the narrowing of the column. The knee surgeon gave me a referral. The therapist said that they are the best of the best and that they are not knife happy. The therapist encouraged me just to go learn.


David Edward Linus said...

There is much good news here, so thanks be to God. Finding a good home care aid is rare, so I am glad you got to keep yours. How is it that so many people will cheat and lie and be divisive just to make a filthy dollar?

Denise said...

You know.... The Father God has traveled such a road with you and HE has NEVER let you out of HIS sight. When man tries to interfere HE is right there to right the wrong...... Such a beautiful post... HE is good and greatly to be praised!

Corey~living and loving said...

wonderful news! :) Always thinking of you!

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