Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Masive Dust Storm Last Nigt

What a dust bowl around here. Leaving  a store after shopping last night was surreal. Approaching the door was so strange the cars were barley visible. It looked like it snowed.
Today the air was really really bad. The kids took the early morning well. We had a dental appointment. No cavities for Dove, Dash has three. Dove gets a bite guard. Kids have to go back in two weeks to do the work. $250 at that days end. Goodness! That my % of $1000.!
We came home out of the air. When I went out again in the afternoon a breath mask was in order.
Never have I seen such a litter of dust EVERYWHERE!
Over a half inch of it on my car when I came out of the store last night. A sweet lady helped by taking in the electric cart. I now have a handi cap parking permit. Helps to have a shorter distance however the morning had me all but in tears of pain at the dentist visit.
Resting it tonight, tomorrow as well laying low.
We have no property damage at all. Blessed, to be envied, fortunate are we.
Folks with pools face a terrible ordeal.
Yesterday we had a lovely time in my sisters pool. Just the kids and I.
I have partial use of my hand tonight. It is so wonderful to see it is healing. All the many appointments are coming along. We got a little computer desk to replace the other corner desk. Steve moved it on into the corner by my bed. Things are coming together. Got a toilet riser, jammies with stretchy legs and a heating pad last night. I have a loaner walker. I will make a bag for hanging on the walker to carry things. I think I might make a pocket to have set under the mattress and hang beside the bed. I got on line to a medical site and just perused it. Got a few real good ideas and have saved so much. The riser was only 20$ where on line it was almost $40. Got some skids ($12) for walkers to use in an old shower seat used in the garden. Wash it up and it will save another $60. Some slippers and slipper socks. Think the shopping is all set except a few little things.
Now pre surgery physical therapy may get a rx to do two visits just to set a strengthen program for my quad before hand. That way I will get up sooner. My old friend the PT said that my surgeon is so good that his patients are two weeks ahead of others treated by other guys. Nice to hear.
I'll have my physical and dental next Tuesday. Michelle will receive the kids early for a play date (thanks for the help sweetie). Monday an appointment with the immunologist. My nurse has set the new schedule and has given me some good counsel that the ICU is just as 'dirty as the wards. She said the ward would be better for the knee expertise. The Knee Replacement Training class is set for the evening of the last day of Doves Jr high camp. Perfect timing all around. I will be able to attend the last day with her as requested. Dash will get his books near that time as well.
Julie will help me set up the first weeks lessons for Dash will be doing distance learning on line at home next year.
I'll due two IVIG three weeks apart if all goes as planned and then my IVIG infusion will be two days before surgery and my immune numbers will get up real high.
So many things set up that is just July! At the end of the month a phone visit with the psychiatrist for a med check.
There will be a home nurse/ and or PT, or a week in a rehab hospital in my future after 3 days inpatient. Then several weeks of PT.
Today a thought
We have spent so much on me over the years and the coverage of insurance. We could of built a mansion...
Me a mansion. A house upon a hill.

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Denise said...

You have a mansion waiting for you... so no need to have one here.... :) when is the surgery?

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