Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy indepence

may the spirit of interdependence envelop us this weekend as we celebrate our nations independence.
this year i fell off the map. the oceans deep and wells dry became me
fatigue of spirit withdrawl into daily life
this year life felt too mundain and boring to even speak about.
coming to terms with health stuff
dripping of it speech repulsed me
being hurt and angry kept me pulled in and silent not just here but in life in general
now the breath is returned with gaining better understanding
the primary immune conference made a huge difference
there i met people from all over the world who like me spent years off medical abuse through ignorance
there were others who were all but made to think they were nuts, hypochondriac longing for negative affection/attention
all the while knowing instinctively something was terribly wrong
even having effect on family and friends who became fatigued into doubt

anger consumed me as gratitude meld into pain
gratitude was all that it seamed was permissible in a social setting
why do we do that to each other?
encouragement must be inclusive if empathy
CVIG PATIENTS loose that privilege because when, or even if they get diagnosed properly all that care about them are so worn out by the years of complaint (justly so)

hidden illnesses under the cover of CVIG LOW IGa for me.. RED FLAGS WHEN ALL ARE RECURRENT
dental decay (18 root canals)
joint issues
high rate of infections high use of antibiotics
ear infections
hearing loss
bowel issues GIRD
MS scare and the testing for it lumbar punctures
early onset dementia
food allergy
cancer scare (breast,bowel)
strange issues unexplainable leaving doctors stumped

CVID LOW IGa leaves all the mucus membranes without the defense against bacteria

now meeting others and having someone really understand what it has been like...priceless
now i am independant of self doubt
justified of all the indignities
allowed now my own sorrow
perhaps now i can come home to my own heart
embracing my body as my own (such strong self doubt can leave one disconnected)

It was said to me that "my body is my friend" i have NEVER felt that way before

realizing how good it has been through all these years of misdiagnosis, ridicule and imposed shame. Well indeed it has been

thinking on all the things that suffered me without resolve only bandages that were often torn off in cruel suspicion...

i can see the goodness of my heart shining through. fear of becoming bitter...i am not bitter i won

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Anonymous said...

Yes I too know the relaxing after learning that your problems..that you knew was real. ...but others almost made you believe you were imagining...had a name ! Many still dismiss you from years of knocking at their physicians doors to be told again that you are well and nothing is wrong with you. They may never know or believe that Yes! there was actually a real physical problem that had they tried they might have been able to help...years ago! Yet I know I am sane and I can find some answers and get some relief now. Now to spread and word and listen for others who might too be in the same predicament so I can help them. Thank you for a wonderful post and blog. Leanne

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Please pray for her parents and family
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