Thursday, March 31, 2011

No cost natural air conditioning

Our seasons are at hand here in the American South West.
Nights are still in the 50's but the day temperatures are climbing.
The following tips will help to keep the air conditioner off as long as possible.

IF...your neighborhood is secure (a very big brown dog) and the windows face the back of the yard behind gated grounds open the windows at the break in evening temperatures. For us this is late evening.
At night it is important to keep privacy. Opening the windows then lowering the blinds to hip level helps in this regard. This space of the house is kept dark during the evenings. Any light welcomes views, not good.

In the morning the South of your estate and the West will offer cool air. The East of the estate will only offer cooler air in the very early A.M. hours. Close the Eastern windows by 9 a.m. or so. The sun will warm the glass = warm air coming in. Shade the windows and close.

The Southern windows can last a good hour or so longer.

North and West is open till noon if the conditions allow. Shut Southern exposed windows by noon. The Northern ones can stay open as long as cooler temps stay. By the 70+* shut the house down. Reopen again in the evening when the heat breaks.

 In the desert if your fortunate and have high ceilings. They can offer a heat exchange. In the summer switch the fans...
Ceiling Fan Switch Housing WES5 
 During the warm months of summer, the fan blades should spin in counter-clockwise direction.
They should be blowing straight down. Cutting the air in a downward motion 

 Northern exposure opens early am and stays open most of the day until the heat hits 80* close until afternoon temps come back down.
 Western face under shade of Northern alcove
 Northern/Eastern exposure as the shade increases in the afternoon so does the heat. In the eavening this is a wonderful vent. As the shade recedes the widow gets closed as does the blind.
Note the ledge.
 Eastern exposure has a shade tree near. Will be closed at night and mid morning. Ceiling fan circulates the air and when window is closed all the hot air of the ceiling (warm air rises) has been exchanged with fresh cooler air. It will then circulate that cooler air.
shade tenting on all southern and western windows a must!
Eastern windows were shade tented when we budgeted them.
HUGE added value. I'll try to link to that page for a tutorial.
 This is the way to keep our costs down and our earth preserved.

When it gets hotter a moist clothe is a wonderful addition in front of a breezy window. 
It is 9:30 here time to close the East windows.

Have a wonderful cool morning without running your AC until the low temps are too high to chill your home.

In the morning the West and South shades are open for natural light. In the afternoon the West and South shades are drawn, and the East and north shades open for natural light.

The AC here has not been used, nor has heating for several weeks now. In the winter do just the opposite the sun being your heater (only keeping the window it self closed). Using the elements to our favor is the old way. Wisdom knew this once. Now we must learn the knowledge forgotten by way of extravagance few nations have known.
It is time to humble our self, learn and make the effort to keep our resources with respect.

2:30 it is 86* outside and 77* inside.
7:30 p.m. House stands at 82*. It is 91* outside right now! 
All but the kids windows are now opened and fans on. Cooling fast to mid 70's*.


Lynn said...

Hey, It reached 95 here today. Whew, like summer already. Thinking about you today. Sending love your way and a kind hug. Love you girl. Lynn

ohiofarmgirl said...

We have been so cold here that it is hard to imagine temps so warm.
We had snow today (see my blog) and our fire is blazing. I have on two shirts and heading to get a hoodie. Still wearing boots today. We have had 51 inches of snow and normal is 36...we are tired of snow and cold but until the Lord sends the warmth there isn't much we can do! Dianntha

Denise said...

We have an attic fan.... In the Spring and fall it is wonderful. Pulls the night air through the house and it is sooooooo nice......

Good advise.....

Amrita said...

Your house looks very cool

Annette said...

You have such a beautiful home, love the way it's decorated and I love that screen door!! I HATE running my AC, and I do like you suggested, the AC goes off at night and the windows are sprung open with the ceiling fans going, our ceiling fans stay all on all the time, even in the winter, I get so upset when I have to turn the AC on, I can just visualize our electric meter just a spinning and the $$ amount going up & up on the bill...these last 2 days here the temps got to the 80's..all at once too. Hope you have a super day


Angie Knight said...

What was so neat to us as we traveled, we got up on Thursday morning, it was 28 degrees, by the time we stopped to sleep after 10 that night, the temps were alreay above 60...and by the time we got home, they were in the upper 70's!

Good advice--I usually do the window thing here only the first spring months of the year--after that even the morning start off hot.

Love you!

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