Friday, January 28, 2011

Steelers Quilt for Dash

this is what I have been up to. Dash needs a new quilt. this was begun around Christmas and set aside. His Birthday is in March, but he needs a new quilt now. The one I made him several years back is a tattered cloth. The other day he was mouthing off a bit to me. Later that evening once we made it home I showed him the lay out on the cutting table. He was very quiet while I finished making supper. I heard Dove say "are you ok?, Why are you crying?" to him.
After he saw it he was so touched that it moved him into tears.
The Steelers fabric is in the dryer it will be the backing.

 With one more row to stitch I just had to attach two of them to see how it was going to look. My efforts are very careful to match up the corners. The black is as an oil slick. The black has the nap of the fabric varied to give it a motion visually.
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This is what I am up to.
The sewing studio has been organized a bit better. Note the old 1957 pfaff is on the floor. I am moving on up to the new machine. It really is a nice machine, took me awhile to attach to it after all these years on the pfaff.
All went pretty well at the hospital. VERY painfully they 'pulled' the internal suture out, it had to then be snipped. He said that there is a possibility that it might happen again and that this would need to be repeated. I was only two minutes of intence pain so they did not numb it. I was shaking for a few hours afterward.
It did not stop me from having a great attitude and a wonderful afternoon taking the kids to the park near the school. We three then went to the book store where Dove spent her earnings. Target next where Dash spent his. Home and hearth was a nice stop of the day.
Hope you all have a nice week end


Denise said...

very nice, love you sis.

Saleslady371 said...

You are so talented! May every day get better and better!


Denise said...

I love to work with quilts I just do not find the time to do it as much as I would like....... who does the quilting for you? You might do it your self because you are sooooo talented!

sorry to hear that you had more trouble with your port... Hope things are ok with that now..... I need to read your blog more....

Have a great Sunday girl.

Anonymous said...

That is a gorgeous quilt. The fabric choices are unusual, but they WORK! I love your industry and creativity. Blessings to you, sis!


P.S. Thanks for visiting Susannah's {Kitchen}!

Sincerely Mama said...

Denise sent me over. I'm enjoying reading your posts and hope you will come over sometime for a visit at My Garden Hat.

Donetta said...

Nice to meet you
I'll need to get back
supper time.

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