Monday, January 24, 2011

Being who I am created to be as I do what needs be done.

 Saturday Morning we were woke up by Dash giving us a wrapped gift. Little did we know that this kid decided to use his earnings to purchase us a gift at a yard sale. HE LEFT THE HOUSE! went down to his buddies house to a sale.
Although the thought was wonderful he has been told to NEVER leave the house without telling us and getting our ok. He walks me to the front door, there was a note on the painting saying where he was.
Had to hand it to him for that. :) still do not want him to repeat it
 An exercise program is underway through this guide.

 It speaks about cemetery and balance.
Hope you all have had a great day. The tasks at hand are occupying me today. It is such a joy to be able to be who I am. Being a keeper of marriage, children and home is my dream come true.
The last two post were rather impersonal. Oh so distracted and set to the priority of duty.
The kids are thriving with the mission of competency. Oh they feel so good about themselves  learning more independence. With the compensation (used instead if allowance) they are beginning to see the rewards of due diligence. they are even talking amongst themselves of saving the earning to gain larger goals! LOVE IT!
If I forgot to mention dash has been voted again by his peers to represent his class in student council. He begins chess club next week. He and Steve take time every night to play. Dash even taught me the game.
Dove is in choir, she tried out for honors choir but did not get in. She tried out though and that was so awesome. The courage was remarkable.
Steve is enjoying the honor he received at work as a senior staff. It is wonderful to see the dignity and poise. He has earned this place in life.
We are grieving the losses to a life long friend and his family who are in the process of loosing all. So the weekend was spent helping them to get as many belongings out of house before the doors are locked in foreclosure. Sad sad thing.
My neighbor behind us reached out to me yesterday and offered us all of the juicing oranges on her tree!
When they moved in I spoke up over the back wall and welcomed them. How wonderful it is to live in peace with our neighbors.
Steve drinks orange juice every morning as would Dash if able to afford it, well now I can juice all winter and spring. It is so sweet!
 With catching up on chores I have even been able to cut out two dresses for myself
YES! me sewing again

With the dresses two necklaces have been laid out. It really feels nice to take better self care. The port is beginning to heal, my shoulder is softening as well.  I am initiating an exercise program based on this book.

things have changed in my life drastically. It's all good too. Getting used to this thing in my chest. The limits it enforces as well. As any foreign object in our bodies antibiotics must now be used for the simplest things as in a cavity filled. That is something I did not foresee. That being said dental and knee injections will be scheduled soon. That way fewer antibiotics will be needed. My knees lasted a good 6 months.
With my sisters knee replacement coming up here soon my timing must get under consideration. Her daughter will be here a few weeks to help, but after she goes it is my hope to be available to assist her.
so I must prepare.

It is a loss to me to not be able to serve at the elementary. With Dash pretty disappointed it is so hard not to be tempted to go. Perhaps after the infusions for the first few days I could go, but it is still a risk.

Post Script.
Just got the kids to bed and sat down Steve just walked into the house from helping his friend move again all evening. The kids and i watched a movie together and had some nice sofa time.
This afternoon Dove had her medication check appointment. They performed some partial testing. The concern about her abilities to function at the Jr high has come into focus now. We left with a prescription for the public school to retest her. I do not know if they will for the three year rule may not have been met. If we do it at the Psychiatrist office it will be $800 not covered by insurance.  We do not really think it will make a difference to our decision to try to keep her main stream if possible. HEr heart is so important here. She must know that she can accomplish what she sets out to do to the best of her ability.

Well peace to all of you.

My children I am so proud of you both.


Debra said...

Such a nice post! Thanks for allowing us to peek inside your home and live with you and your sweet family and in your neighborhood. Blessings, Debra

Susie said...

Pride is a healing feeling:-)

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Please pray for her parents and family
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