Friday, November 12, 2010

Mamma's Feather Bed

 There is an old John Denver song that I dearly love. A song about family, children playing and having fun on an old feather bed. Last night the old feather bed became ready for the cool season. With lows now in the 40's it was time. Over the summer this project kept me busy. This is the duvet cover. Within it is a wonderful thick feather comforter that my dear sweet BILove gave us so many many years ago.
The cover acts like a big pillow case over top of the white ticking to keep it clean. It also keeps allergies at bay. The fabric is a 600 thread count. Now that is extravagant but if you keep a sharp eye out at clearance stores or in the racks of those stores that sell them often you can get seconds or irregulars that are just fine. The higher the thread count however the better and longer service you will get out of the clothe.
 This pillow has been a long term effort of mine. A little a day on it. It has been passed by when knees needed to be fixed and pants patched for the kids. Yesterday I finished it! It is of upholstery fabric that was given to me. A wonderful Jacquard silk, the appliqued center was fused first with a double sided adhesive then sewn. It has a pillow case fabric on the back. The fabric was too stiff for my liking as a pillow case so it was put to use here and matched the bedding well. It is zippered center back.

This was the big task. The fringe was found years back at a wal-mart for $1 a yard. I bought all they had.
For so long I dreamed of doing a wonderful bed set.
This chair was a gift from my MILove and FILove, the nurse sits here when I am sleeping during the infusions. It makes for a nice cozy setting. Steve has a place as well for his robe.

Now this is the 'big bed' as the kids call it (a California king). My darling is 6'4" tall and his feet still almost go off the end. We will often play tickle bug. One of us will coyly challenge the other and we all run to the big bed and tickle and giggle all and all just play! It is the wonderful moments of tying those cords that bind us to each other. It is most always just the  kids and I. Sometimes we get the daddy man to join in not often. It is the time when I and the kids bond and laugh hard. It is a fine art with the sensory integration issues.

Dash is very sensitive, Dove loves the intensity. They are both so much calmer. Often I get a split lip or a good bump on the cheek, it's all good though. We will wind down with a game of hide and seek or night Watchman where one kid has a flashlight and we have to freeze so we are 'not seen'. Taking turns. It is really funny and so charming to see the glee on the faces. I love that they are both so sweet as to allow the play of youth.

This morning my dear husband was so enamored. He thanked me for the comfort of the feather bed. He was so tender, really. He said "thank you for making up such a comfortable bed. It is just like being encased so wonderful!".
Funny thing how awesome a well made bed can make a body feel.


Saleslady371 said...

We also use our feather bed these cold nights! My 6'4" husband loves it also! My mom used to call hers "feather tick". Now I understand! Have a great weekend, my friend.

Amrita said...

Reakky liked your bed time story an d pictures (smiling)

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