Monday, November 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today… Monday, November 8, 2010
Outside my window... Evening shadows have fallen into the dark of early night. Peaks through the dark a light through soft clouds. The rose is turning into a powder gray. Day is done
I am thinking... How lovely it is to listen to the worship and praise music from the Homespun sight. Peaceful. The kids are laughing with the daddy man in the other room. This is the heaven I wished and worked so hard toward. Here in this moment. Let all care and worry leave me now.
I am thankful...My heart has returned to me some. A wonderful reminder through the sweet mutual friendship offered Sunday. A dear friend and I spent most the day in the gardens. Just commiserating (commiseration - The act of commiserating; sorrow for the wants, afflictions, or distresses of another; pity; compassion) together.
I am wearing... jeans, cornflower blue sleeveless sweater of a set, soon to put the long sleeve one on as it is cooling here next to the open window.
I am remembering... The journey called my life. The amazing adventures in overcoming those things that would of loved to remove my resolve. How many years I fought not allowing life to ware me out. Thinking on how it is to weep rest and refresh in the love of the presence of my God, my Father giver of life.
I am going... To be home here for several days this week tending to the heart of the home. You'll find me watering the germinating gardens both veggie/herb and the flower patches.
I am reading... The Egoscue Method Of Health Through Motion
I am hoping... That my husbands employer gets some job orders in so these folks can work without layoffs
On my mind... How and what can I do diligence too to help out as much as I can . Our budget needs and meal preparations. conserve utilities and use resources as wisely as possible. Wo four hours sleep last night I am getting tired.
From the learning rooms…Dove is doing Annie Oakly in a few weeks so that is the center of focus, Dash is interested in levitation, wait for it..."ya know mom it is just a stunt a trick. Were gunna figure it out. That way we can show them that it is just a magic trick" yes our jaws dropped and we had to hold a grin back.
Dash was in the yard trying to hold his full weight on a wrist holding a stick. 
Pondering these words..."When I come here it is like a refuge, a safe place to come and just rest. It is the safe place here on earth for me"....she said. My heart was warm. Touched deeply at the difference this home I make offers others.
From the kitchen… homemade lasagna, cole slaw, chocolate chip cookies still warm on the counter. The afternoon spent as sue chef chopping dicing and washing produce. Menu preparations for the week. Pies to bake for an early Thanksgiving supper on Sunday at my niece's home with all that clan and the great nieces and nephews.
Around the house... I have been catching up on all the years of dead filing that was unattended due to all the interventions with the kids and also with my own health. It is looking up. Gardens in, all but the root crop to finish out.
One of my favorite things: My child's invitation to come play a board game.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Baking, gardens in, resting some. Sewing a pillow for the master bedroom. Changing the kids linens.Completing the files so as to have all 7 years of tax documents in separate file folders finished. Then to get order to all this years stuff to be ready ahead of time for the tax work in January.
From my picture journal...

The effects of time with a friend

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Please pray for her parents and family
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