Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Friends who have enough confidence in me to come to me when an issue is at hand.
It is that my very own son is trying on hats at school. Trying on what it is to be the "bad" guy.
To use his words to slay.
It is that wisdom prevailed and understanding obtained several years ago gave me an isight.
Insight that at the time attained was very difficult. 
The lessons learned with one child flows to the next, flows to the compassion needful for another.

Here it is I who instigate the end of bullies who have a child using words to wound.
Amazing how Good God is in life to teach us to ready us for the skill sets that will be needful in HIS right timing. Developmental milestones are so normal for kids. A child who wants so to get lots of attention can so easily become victim to patterns of reaction.
This time it was my kid who fell to the trap and became abusive.

So many wonderful opportunities to parent the young ones.

I went in to my dear son and bumped his chair as he was doing his breathing treatment.
I bumped his chair as he did the other child, then I repeated the names that he had spoken to said child looked him in the eye and calmly said "does that sound familiar?"
Appropriate shame flushed his face, loving I looked sternly at him and as I walked away I said
"think on it"

I spoke with the parent again.
I spoke to his teacher.

He called to me and I attended his call.
Thankful here it is...

"Mom, he said...Mom I went to God and told him all that I had done.
I apologized to God and asked for his forgiveness too."

I explained to the child that our words have the power to bring life or death

he said "MOM!, the 10 commandments said that thou shall not kill"

"our words I told him can kill the soul, or heal it, "

"I want to call him and apologize" said he

Say I, "it is one thing to say it another to respond to guilt through a change in behavior."

I had him list bullet points on a yellow pad of what he needed to own and what was the other child's doing. Then later I told him in another color add under each point how he might do it differently next time.

I can not begin to tell you of the warmth within my heart when that child went to GOD first!
Not to me, not the the phone, not to the teacher...but to GOD!
Boy a lot to be thankful for today.

Well gotta go set up another breathing treatment.

a Mother.


Corey~living and loving said...

you handled it so wonderfully. What a testament to your great relationship. ♥

Susie said...

You do have a lot to be thankful for:-)

Denise said...

You and your children are so dear to my heart, love you.

maritz said...

\you have a grateful Heart! God bless

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