Monday, January 25, 2010

The joy of a clean home.

 This Saturday the Daddy man suffered the torment :)  of taking the kids to the picture show. Alven and the chipmonks....think three times before you subjet your self
So I had the house to myself.
I danced and rearanged the great room
I have all my Bible study stuff at my right hand (worked hard on book transfering today.
I have all my song books too. I love to read old very old hymnals. LOVE IT!
The quilt repair is there in the light of the windows too. Great space to have a nice conversation.
We are able to watch the kids play too.
 Coming in from the garage. The couch is perfect to layout the laundry dried in the machine.
This is SO nice Just LOVE IT!
I had so much fun!
I danced and danced as I tinkered, dusted and set things aright to my good pleasure.
The purpose of all that is done.
To find pleasure in the work of our hands.
Ecclesiastes Last verse of the book.
The wooden rocker is our very first piece of furniture.
It was in the raw and Steve and I sanded and finished it together.
It is oak.
See the beautiful red vase. I so wanted on and looked for one.
My SILove gave me the simpathy flowers in it.
Of course she has no idea. It was inopportune to tell her at the time.


 Dsah had tired of a loft bed.
I could not get to him up there.
Could not make the bed so far up high either.
He said it got too warm up by the ceiling too.
He was such a kind heart about volunteering to give up his new room to tend sissy's needs.
Those are his baseball cards in th grove left by removing the structure.
 I set Him up a libary by the light of the window.
Again as in the living room living buy the windows are such a delight.
I do not know why I never thought of it before.
Look how close that fit on the wall! within a half and inch!
I still have to go through the books to see to it the infantile ones are seperated out.
There are many very very valuable home school books in there.
Old lovely Hardbound volumes from the 40's and 50's.
 His dresser needs a good once over inside the drawers yet.
Today I did his laundry and will do so when I put that away.
I have yet to hang his print of the jet over his bed.
Now this fluke was a brain storm!
When I pick up toys around the house I can just approach the doorway to put things into the sort bins. Perfect.
 With the world map here and I put the states map quilt over his bed in the long wall.
My kids love geography.

 Dove's Room

Now I spoiled her a bit today by making her bed for her.
I just had too to see this...
 I hung a white cross with the "all things quote" in the big blue rectangle.

The Office

Swept and all three boxes removed it has a little more tlc to add to it.
So much better than it was.
I moved all my study books into the new sitting area in the living room (by the quilt rack)
 The little side table is the last of it.
I moved all the finished photo albums to the bottom shelf
All the Civil War books to the low shelves on the right.
Steve and I are both history buffs.

We teach the kids that History forgot will repeat itself.
This can be a real bad thing.
 Mr Lincoln is a bit dim in this image.
He is made up of hundreds of period images.
It is amazing how that artist created his image when looking at the print from afar.
This is what I see at the end of the East wing hallway.

Main bathroom

This is all finished except to mop the floor.
I even got the baseboards washed down.
So you see why sitting here is a catch my breadth sort of time.
 I love my botanical thiem in here.
Lupine and the yellow I forget the floor.
That is a little child's devotional on the commode.
On the shelf it says
"thou shalt NOT whine"
The bird and the insect prints were found years ago in the basement sale of an old stone church in Jerome Arizona.

OH a clean house on the East wing every room is clean at the same time!
That is kids bedrooms and kid bathroom too unheard of!

Well the laundry on the line is asking to come inside before the sun goes down and the temprature here in this desert drops so many degrees.
It was a delightfully warm day to hang the laundry out.
Short sleeve weather today.
Sorry you who chilled to the bone long to be warm outside.
It will come hang in there.
When I am house bound in the 115*'s plus you can encourage me.


Denise said...

Everything looks really nice sis, love you so much.

Susie said...

Great job! I have that joy today too! Mondays are cleaning days in my house:-)

Denise said...

When you get a minute will you zip over here and help me.. I need to go through my house from one end to the other...... especially the base boards...
Things look wonderful !

LisaShaw said...

Absolutely sweet!!! Love your home and your heart! Love you.

Annette said...

Nothing does feel better than a clean house with silence of no one except you and a conversation with our Heavenly father!! when I'm alone I talk to him so much about EVERYTHING, and I love my time with him. I love your home, it's so pretty and I love you~

Love & Hugs always

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