Monday, November 1, 2010

Tackle it Tuesday *Yard care goal*

 Perhaps your wondering where I have been of late. Well with the break in the weather I got the rye winter grass established and mowed for the first time this weekend. The  annuals are in in the arbor bed.

 The next goal will be that awful grave bed along the sidewalk. We do not use poison if it is avoidable. The dogs eat at the grass here so it will be pulled up out and turned into a grass to the edge of the walk. It will be so nice to be able to have a level foot fall under the clothes line.
 The flower seeds have germinated being watered two times a day. See a few here and there. The heat came back the last few days and is a real challenge. It has been up to 90* this week a few times. Lows in the 50's to 60's.

 The rocker space has been accomplished. This was a huge task that is my morning work out now for many many days on end.
 Each day the ground is shoveled into the screen and then the rocks out and over and over the screened soil accumulates and is then transferred to the front per-annual bed. This is a lot of physical work that I am accomplishing on my own! Don't even try to arm wrestle me. :) I really need to get those stones off the base of the house. I am shifting them over to the west of the walk. One day I would love to put a blue berry bush there. Well I do have to come to terms with some physical limitations at hand now.
 This morning my focus was this 3 foot section. Working until the shade gone. This is on the west side of the estate. I am so excited to finish this mess! All of the gravel was that I hauled and screened out of that arbor bed last year. Inch by foot by shovel full. Some goals are just long term. This is a gym of sorts, no need to pay a membership fee. I must learn to pace myself so I forced myself to stop at a section a day. If I am not too tired.
 The screened earth is nice. It will serve well for the bed out front. Some will be left poor soil on purpose. Other will be amended with mulch for those lovers of such. Each flower a jewel of its own.

 Now the junk is gone, a weekend job with a free add on Craig's list. The old compost bins were tossed last weekend. The city had some big trash haulers out at the entry and we took advantage of it.
 Now where those rockers are it was two feet high last month! This is our little quiet place away from the kids where we can watch the stars and talk over the day. I love this place and one day the flowers will come up. It is also my morning bible study spot. A nice little half wall would be ideal to screen the trash cans. One day...
All this work was to fulfill a goal for my husband and I to have a little romantic corner just for us. Where we could see the stars. Watch the flowers. And enjoy each other. Some goals take a lot of hard work. Living in one place long enough to create all of these aspirations is my hope for years to come.
This is where all that screened dirt is going.
The Iris are in as are the Hollyhocks.
Half the bed is full and the earth turned 12 inches under. This has been a BIG job as well.
Steve threw the pick for me so soon I will break up the other half and fill it in.
This is where we took out the palm tree. 
The Poppy is around 2 inches high now.


Denise said...

Nice job sis, love you.

Susie said...

Such an awesome tackle!!

Annette said...

Your a busy, busy lady...I love your yard and love to read what your doing in it, and tell those beautiful children of yours I liked their costumes, I'm very proud of you, over coming fears is not an easy thing to do~

LOVE to all of you~

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