Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Field trip today to the Rosin House in Phoenix Az

 This sweet teacher is 32 to 1 this class room is small.
 Several of us parents helped out today. Delightfully two dads, three of us ladies on a grandmother.
 Several of the kids recognized me and greeted me so sweetly. Helping the teacher collect the homework and signing the planners was so uplifting. It has been a very long time sense I had been on the school ground. This is the first time this school year for me to go over there. With the immune issues I have had to use great care. In January I hope to begin the art teaching however it will have to be timed very carefully. I was so happy being with the children again.
 We all hiked over to the bus, We had two buses three classes. 
We three had 16 of ours on board.
The teacher gave me only 2 boys mine and his buddy, then two others.
It was very thoughtful of her, she kept my burden light.
The other parents had 7-9 kids each.

 We arrived with some issue. The other bus had failed in a poorer part of the inner city. NOT GOOD. We were to drop our load off and then the driver was to go get the other kids. Somehow one of the other parents on board was able to fix the bus. They arrived shortly thereafter.
It was so funny, when our driver was trying to hear the CB radio to help the other bus our 69 kids were too loud. The one teacher on board was trying to hush them.
My years of service with the earlier classes and the relationship with so many of the kids paid off.

I clap, clap, clap..clap..clap as we did in the earlier years. The kids instinctively joined in after the first two claps and instantly 60 kids were silent! The teacher looked at the other parent wide eyed.
As did all the parents on board. I praised the kids all. As I calmed the fears (unspoken) by so many of them.

I felt so alive.

We arrived and had several stops as the groups were split into smaller units. My four had seven added. The teacher of Dash's class joined us. It was the grandmother, teacher and I. Very pleasant load.

 They spoke of desert foods and tried hot pepper jelly and cactus jelly. The other apron-ed women were volunteers at the museum.
This is one of the oldest homes in Phoenix. Once 20 years ago a decapitated mess. Pure Edwardian era prize. All original 119 years old. No photos inside allowed. This is the back side where the kids exited. WE adults not allowed per fire code.

 We all had lunch next as we adults watched over the bathroom break with great diligence. There were several homeless men in the area. One came upon the bathrooms and I greeted him. He patently awaited the exit off all of the kids. I was like a mother goose with wing outstretched literally until last kid out then I stepped back. For a second man approached and HE was NOT gonna go in unless through my wing.
 There was a story time of desert plants, the kids got to plant a seed. I loved this arbor.

 This delightful elder was so beautiful of spirit as well. I thanked her for her service. She was so well humored. I errored in speech (forgetfulness), her loving reply was "don't dwell on it, now go on..." Oh the wisdom of the elders. It was so loving.

 The kids got to do a project with the compass star, a floor plan lay out as well identifying space. This building is 80 years old. Now for you back east the west is young.

 At the end the volunteers from the museum came and got all of us teachers and parents and we got to have a private tour! Oh I was so excited!

The ride home was delightful with two little girls being silly behind me and I playing a big bad old woman who was going to get them. It was so fun.

So alive. After retuning to the school I had to go home to get Dash's violin and go back again. Well after an half hour nap the kids were home, later after homework another child came. His grandmother hung out so Steve and I could go vote. NO LINE!

We came back by then the number of kids in the yard had grown my two and then three others in no time, moments later another boy with his dog. I feel so alive surrounded by the children. So blessed.
Well better get some rest. They only have a half day tomorrow. I have a lot of laundry that dried on the line Monday to finish folding. Laundry undone is far less important than being and or making a difference in the lives of the children.


Annette said...

How FUN!!!! We have this old mansion here where I live and I can remember going there with my children in school, and it is decorated for every holiday, it's just so beautiful, I'll have to go over at CHRISTmas time and see if I can take pictures, I'll E mail you the name,( this way no one knows where I live) and you can look it up on line, the history to it is just amazing to me, I, like you use to love to go along on field trips, miss those days...
Have a sweet and blessed day my friend~

LOVE to all~

Susie said...

I LOVE volunteering in my youngest's classroom. I am so glad that you are feeling well enough to go there:-) It is so rewarding and if anyone needs a reward, it's you:-)

Denise said...

Looks like a nice field trip sis.

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