Monday, August 2, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Good Morning!
Well the 'big board' is up and running another week here.
This is my brain on the wall,suppose you could call it a 'fly on the wall ' as well.
This is central station where we are all kept on the same page.
Order in the mind can become complicated and distract from the very efforts put forth.

I hope you dance today it is the spice of life

Pencils are sharpened for school begins next week.

This is prep for the pickles.
Purchased by the gallon for $5. 
Now this jar is broken down like so, the two smaller jars are relish.
This is not for the pantry (they are not processed or canned ) however just refer cut.
Those onion harvested from the fellow off Creigs list.
Cut in dice for the weeks menu, bell pepper as well.
Gee is in the other.

A wonderful dish was made here.

Turmeric Corn

Saute' onion in olive oil till tender, add peppers (adente'),then corn with the turmeric.
Now gently pan fry. We had it with BBQ steak over the weekend.

Prep work is essential in any professional kitchen. This kitchen 3x7 meals at least each week. Home cooked almost all by scratch. That is professional cooking folks.
Think of it.
The profession of homemaker is a high paying wage of its own.
Skills only serve you to gain and refine.
Doing it well beats any eat out unless your palls with Chef Ramsey. 
Working in a kitchen job from hell.

Yukon baked in glass. Just wash no foil needed to bake them and the moisture stays in.
These are for the week. Used in meal, as a snack cold or diced at breakfast sauteed with peppers and onion some diced green onions for color.
Roasted garlic as a spread for toasted begets with tomato basil and Parmesan cheese.
Roasted large pearl onion for meals.

See the new clear canisters they were on a table at curbside for free.
I thanked the neighbor when dash and I went for a walk.
The far right one...I had it in the pantry it is the same as the others.
Red lidded prepped foods and left overs.
All in one place in the refer.
Now uniform size containers work best for good space savers.

Enjoy the meal making by less to do when the day is worn as well as you own self tired.


Susie said...

Looks like a great week:-)

Amrita said...

Your well organized kitchen is such an inspiration.

The tumeric corn is very appealing

Denise said...

Another great week.

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